How To Create A Relaxing Living Area Ambiance


There are many small factors and details that play a huge role in the ambiance of your living room. They vary from person to person but in general, most of them revolve around main points of attention that we are attracted to. Some of these points include colors, textures, lightning options during the day and night, the organized space and the unorganized space that you need, the air conditioning, and the smell of your living room.

Picking The Right Color Scheme

When it comes to choosing between colors in your living room, these must be colors that bring a tone that calms and soothes the eye. Try to use as much natural colors as possible drawing directly from nature by extracting nuances of green and blue.

Calm colors like purple and grays and even warm neutrals like chocolate brown are the best options for an even more relaxing living room so that you can save your more energetic colors to the other parts of your house.

Every color needs to be chose in detail and matched, from the hardwood floors and carpets, to the color of your tabletop and even the decorative taper candles along your stone fireplace counters.

Think About Textures

Textures need to fit in with the aesthetic and mix with the colors to truly maximize relaxation.

Be mindful of your furniture and the materials: the softness of the cushions on your couches and the exterior soft materials that you will be directly in contact with.

Some of these textures be achieved with the use of plush area rugs, soft blankets and squishy pillows to decorate and give an extra drop of softness to your living room.

Make Sure You Have Enough Air

The most humid rooms in a house are the kitchens and bathrooms. Make it a point to ventilate your kitchen after cooking and your bathroom after showering to release all the steam and extra moisture in the air with Best Furnace Filter, as well as any pollutants that have been stirred up.

Get The Lighting Right

The lightning needs to be perfectly balanced during the day, and carefully chosen during the night. Lightning sets the desired mood around the house, and can heavily affect how comfortable or stressful the environment it.

You need to mindful of options of windows that allow for plenty of sunshine during the day but don’t let in things like the glare from street lights at night. Blackout curtains and blinds can help with this.

You can also use LED lighting which can be color-coordinated to fit your mood and is also very energy efficient. Different colors and intensity can be set to match the overall energy of how you currently feel.

You might even forgo lighting at night completely and choose to have only the natural light from taper candles lit or a lit fire to set the tone for the rest of the evening.

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Make Sure You Have Space

And lastly, tight spaces may cause stress and discomfort. That is why you need to choose wide spaces with organized elements that respect your space and energy.

You need to have different ideas that free the space around your safe haven. Some of these ideas can be as simple as having glass shelves installed to free up extra space on the coffee tables.

Having clutter around can severely hamper your mood – you’ll be thinking of things that you need to put away or organize so in order to be able to relax, think about using blankets to cover up your shelves to not have to neatly organize everything on them and even having bins and baskets so you can throw things inside and still look relatively organized.

Wrapping Up

In the end, everything depends on the preference of your body and mind and what your own perception finds calming and relaxing.

You might also give final touches to personalize your space with different decorations and accessories. Just be mindful to not overload your space with different stuff that may not leave you enough space to actually relax in your own living room.