How Do You Keep The Crowd Engaged While Playing Their Favourite Indian Songs?

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If you want to be a DJ, there are a lot of things you need to know. From the various types of equipment accessible to how to correctly set up a studio to the various DJ performance styles to best perform, the amount of information required to efficiently pull off a show is surprisingly comprehensive, However, one of the most crucial things you’ll ever need to know (by far) is how to engage with the audience.


Knowing The Taste Of The Crowd

Without a doubt, reading the crowd and knowing what they want to hear is a crucial component of being a DJ. It may appear unfair, but when it comes to playing music that you enjoy vs music that your audience enjoys, you must always yield to your audience. Reading a dance floor well is more difficult than most people believe. You could assume it’s as simple as judging if they’re happy or unhappy.

In truth, it’s not quite as straightforward. The unfortunate reality is that crowd reading is something you “have” rather than something you can “learn.” Yes, you will learn some valuable top 10 club DJs that you can apply right away, but you must understand that if you don’t have “it,” it will be more difficult for you than for someone who has.

Some Essential And Alluring Tips To Keep The Crowd Engaged

There are several essential tactics you can take to properly position yourself whether you are hired as an Indian wedding Dj or for a party Dj, follow these tips so that you can read the crowd and play the correct music for the right audience.

Estimate The Size Of The Crowd

One of the first things you can do when accurately estimating the audience is to acquire an exact count of how many individuals will be in attendance. Before you begin, take a moment to consider how many people have arrived and how many appear to be planning to arrive. If the arena isn’t already full, observe how frequently new individuals arrive to fill it. If the response is “not many,” you should expect a modest crowd rather than a large one. In general, considerably smaller crowds allow you to get away with a lot more than larger ones, which may demand you to conform to what they desire.

Understand A Variety Of Genres

The second step is to be familiar with a wide range of musical genres. You should not only be aware of the many music genres, but you should also be as well-versed in them as possible. The basic reality is that if you simply focus on one sort of music genre, you will not be able to comfortably perform in others. That instance, if you favour music with a more electronic accent, you may be perplexed if requested to perform music with a funk or hip-hop emphasis. By studying as many genres as possible, you not only improve your ability to perform music in that genre, but you also improve your ability to read the crowd when it comes to that style of music. For example, if you are employed as an Indian wedding DJ, you need to be aware of the tastes of the audience’s favourite Indian music.

Determine What Can Be Played

Another important suggestion is to be conscious of the music that you can play. If you start playing Hip-Hop or Disco, this might become a significant problem. Remember that what you desire will always take a back seat to what the audience wants. Play Deep House for them if you know they’ve come to hear it. If, on the other hand, you know that the event is open to any genre, you have a lot more possibilities. Even so, you should keep an eye out for the general tone.

Surveillance of the Crowd

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You should spend some time “spying on the crowd” while another DJ is performing or a few minutes before your performance begins. This isn’t anything out of the ordinary; it just entails viewing the audience from backstage or spending some time in the crowd itself. Simply said, by spending time up and personal with your audience, you can better understand what songs excite them and which ones they are willing to skip. This increases your awareness of what will make your set pop rather than a thud.

Complete Your Homework

Possibly the simplest of the expert suggestions to implement is to do your research. Before you even get to the venue, make sure you know what to anticipate from the crowd. This is simple to do with proper planning and study. If you are unclear about the sort of people and audience you will be playing for, just go online and perform a social media and Google search for the top 10 club DJs for the event you will be performing at. You’ll quickly get some useful insider knowledge on what to expect from the dancing demographic you’ll be playing in front of.


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