Everyone wants to stay healthy and fit. The lifestyle that people today have is unhealthy and not fit for living. People get sick and face other problems too. The immune system of people has become so weak that they can’t tolerate mild fever. S, People should follow a healthy lifestyle for good living. Prevention is better than cure. You should take care of your health earlier to avoid any problems in the future.

Children below the age of four or five easily catch a fever or cold. The new parents often get scare because of this. New-born children often get typhoid fever. Children are give dry syrup during typhoid fever. A much DRY SYRUP MANUFACTURER IN INDIA is there. Let’s look at a few home remedies that can be use to cure typhoidfever.

  • Fluid Intake:-

Dehydration is the major symptom of typhoid fever. People suffering from typhoid fever get vomiting. Vomiting leads to dehydration in our bodies. So, An increased intake of fluids can help to cure dehydration. Excess intake of fluids can help to remove all the toxins present in our bodies. People can consume juices or any other fluid that has nutritional benefits. The fluids that provide energy should be consume. 

  • Garlic:-

Numerous qualities are present in garlic. People add garlic to their vegetables for taste but it also has some medical benefits. The properties that are embedded in garlic help to cure typhoidfever. It helps to keep our immune system strong. So, The properties present in garlic fights the germs of typhoid and speed up the recovery of typhoid. A person suffering from typhoid fever should consume garlic.

  • Clove:-

Clove is another thing that can be given during typhoidfever. People suffering from fever can consume it directly or can drink clove water. So, Cloves have certain properties that help cure typhoid fever. You can chew cloves to avoid vomiting. The oils present in clove help fight against typhoid fever. 

  • Oranges:-

Orange is the fruit that everyone loves. It helps to overcome dehydration. People suffer the problem of dehydration during typhoid fever. So, You can consume oranges to meet your dehydration. Oranges are the tastier fruit and will not put an effect on your taste bud too. You will feel happy and refreshed after consuming oranges.

  • Buttermilk:-

Butter can be consumed to make your immune system strong. So, Buttermilk is consider to fight against typhoid fever germs. It is great for the body and you can drink it at any hour of the day. So, People suffering from typhoidfever should consume this. 

  • Banana:-

It is accept that children when facing the problem of fever should be given bananas. Bananas help to lower our body temperature. So, Bananas are rich in numerous ways. It helps to fight against typhoidfever germs. Children should be give two bananas regularly to make them strong. So, Children suffering from typhoid fever should be give bananas.

These are the few home remedies that can be used for the treatment of typhoid fever. Typhoidfever can make our body weak and we need at least a week for its recovery. You can consume dry syrup too. Many DRY SYRUP MANUFACTURING COMPANY IN INDIA are available.