Best Food Packaging Manufacturers in Singapore

Food packaging technology protects foodstuffs during storage, transport, and distribution. Singapore food packaging manufacturers design their products with specific criteria so that food is delivered to the consumer’s table fresh and intact. Manufacturers implement plastics, cardboard, bottles, and bags to ensure better ergonomics and longer shelf life of all foods or beverages packaged. Generally, food packaging is done synchronously with food production since it’s the best way to streamline the process; however, separate packaging manufacturers exist.

The Singapore food packaging industry is very competitive; therefore, it’s crucial to get it right. As much as food is the critical element being bought, the packaging is what attracts the consumer. This article aims to deliver information on some of Singapore’s top food packaging manufacturers.

QQ Studio

Established in 2015, QQ Studio is a food packaging manufacturer and supplier based in Singapore. It’s among Singapore’s leading food packaging solutions. It has managed to provide a comprehensive variety of food packaging options which can be customizable, biodegradable, and disposable at affordable prices, such as kraft paper bags, zip lock pouches, vacuum seal bags and so on. They are committed to delivering high-quality products which are FDA compliant, meaning they are safe to use.

QQ studios set itself apart from competitors through colorful branding that leaves customers wanting more. They carry many products with many types, colors, and sizes to meet consumer needs.

Products and services


Pacific Packaging

What started as a plastic and food container supplier grew into a large food packaging company. Pacific packaging is a Singapore company that deals in an array of food-related products. It’s a one-stop provider of a host of food packaging products.

The outstanding quality of their products has managed to attract consumers from neighboring shores: Brunei and Indonesia, as part of their expanding client base. Below are some of the products they offer: Paper/plastic packaging solutions, Micro wearable Products, Cups, and Food &Beverage products, among others. Some products come in various sizes, and some offer customizable features (plastic bags contain zip zap or self-adhesive tape).

Products and Services

  • Flexible packaging solutions
  • Customizable Seal bags
  • Stand-up pouch fitted with zippers


BioPak is a carbon-conscious company that offers high-grade quality goods with top-notch services. The going green initiative has dedicated them to reducing fossil fuel-based polyester materials in producing their goods.

This is why BioPak transitioned into a circulating economy with leading packaging products made from plant material. They utilize economies of scale and automated services, meaning consumers’ stock needs are always met.

Products and services

  • Biodegradable cups
  • Bio-degradable trays and plates
  • Bio-degradable napkins and bags
  • Biodegradable containers/ food packaging

Seow Khim Polyethylene

SKP has been around for years since it was started in 1979, and it has become an enterprise that revolutionized Singapore’s disposable plastic packaging industry. SKP is regarded as the most significant food packaging manufacturer and supplier (44 retail outlets in Singapore).

They work with various clientele, including well-known food and beverage retail stores and mass-market consumers. Their services can be accessed globally, reaching over 20 countries, and the list continues to grow.  They offer various food packaging products in all sizes, types, and colors to meet all client needs.

Products and services

  • Biodegradable food packaging bags
  • Plastic containers and cups
  • Biodegradable bags
  • Plastic films

Tobe Packaging Industries

The industry was established in 1987 and is among the longest-standing plastic food packaging manufacturers. It started by producing polyethylene bags before venturing into flexible food packaging products. The business is currently involved in a series of expansion techniques that offer various general food packaging solutions. This includes new products like T-shirt Plastic bags, rolls, barrier films, and micro-perforated bags.

Products and Services

  • Flexible packaging solutions
  • Seal bags
  • Stand-up pouch fitted with zippers
  • Micro-perforated bags


Hopefully, this article will help you identify some of Singapore’s best food packaging manufacturers. The food packaging manufacturers in this article produce high-quality goods that are up to standard and are FDA approved.

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