The Best VAT Return Filing Services In UAE

VAT registration services in the United Arab Emirates

The VAT return is an important part of the VAT system, as it reports to the tax authorities the amount of VAT charged and paid by a company during a given period. Companies registered for VAT can use the online portal on the Federal Tax Administration’s website to file VAT Return Filing Services In UAE. The form to be used for filing a VAT return is form VAT201.

When do taxable persons have to submit their VAT returns in the UAE?

All taxable persons operating in the UAE are required to submit a VAT return on a regular basis. The VAT return must be submitted by the 28th day of the month following the end of the tax period prescribed by the tax authorities. The taxable person must pay the amount of tax to the tax authorities within the time limits laid down in the UAE VAT legislation. In the case of VAT, the time limit for payment to the tax authorities shall be 28 days after the end of a given tax period.

How can we help you with your VAT return?

Push Digits has a team of tax experts who can support and guide you in filing your VAT return. We can help you with your VAT return in the following ways:

 Our team regularly visits you to collect the information and files needed for your VAT return. At the end of each tax period, our team will prepare and submit the VAT return on your behalf in accordance with UAE VAT laws.

 Our tax experts will also provide advice and guidance on your tax liability under the VAT law.

 We will ensure that you submit your tax return within the deadlines set and imposed by the APEH.

 They will carry out the appropriate tax planning for your client’s business.

How do I file a VAT return in the UAE?

All UAE taxpayers can file their VAT returns through the online portal on the FTA website. To file a VAT return, a taxpayer must first log in to the VAT201 form on the ACL web portal by entering a username/email address and password. Our tax experts will assist you in completing the form and submitting your tax return by the date specified by the APEH.

What information do taxable persons have to provide in their VAT returns?

The UAE tax return indicates the amount of tax due or refundable for the tax period. The taxable person must provide information on the amount of input VAT payable and the amount of input VAT deduction that can be used to offset the input VAT payable.

If the tax paid by the enterprise on its output is higher than the tax paid on its expenditure, the enterprise must pay the difference to the State in the form of tax. If, on the other hand, the VAT paid by the firm exceeds the VAT payable, the State must refund the excess to the firm.

The ALV201 VAT form contains the following information on withholding tax and income tax:

Downstream taxation:

  • Tax liability (5%) and wages on generally accepted sales.
  • Tax liability on goods acquired outside the UAE through customs (imports).
  • Tax liability on services provided outside the UAE (through customs).
  • Taxation of duty-free goods acquired outside the UAE.
  • Tax refunds for persons traveling within the country.

Import tax:

  • A tax levied on a specific amount of expenditure.
  • A tax on the purchase of ordinary goods.
  • Tax on goods purchased outside the UAE.
  • Tax on services provided outside the UAE.

How can Push Digits help me with my tax return?

Our experienced tax advisory team is available by phone or email to provide you with professional tax and VAT advice, complete VAT returns, assist with the implementation of VAT in your organization and train your staff to work within the required processes and procedures.