Study MBBS In China At Top Medical Colleges

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Studying MBBS in China is a popular choice in international education. The best universities in China attract students from all over the world, including Pakistan. Study MBBS in China is a dream come true for many students. China’s prestigious universities offer the best graduates a top-class medical education.

With the help of our consultancy services, you can realize your dream of getting medical education. We are proud to offer effective advice on international medical careers. To apply for MBBS in China, you must score at least 70% in the PCB exam. Otherwise, you must have scored 200 in MDCAT.

MBBS programs in China are cheap, so students can easily afford the tuition fees. To study medicine at one of China’s top medical schools, students need to pay US$40005000 in tuition fees per year. The World Health Organization and the National Medical Council also accredit China‚Äôs medical schools.

More than 25 medical schools in China are recognized by many medical councils and NMCs worldwide. After graduation, Pakistani students have to pass the NMC exam to practice medicine in Pakistan. If you are interested in studying medicine at a foreign university, you can apply for an MBBS program in China. There are many advantages to studying MBBS in China.

Why study MBBS in China?

  • The main reasons for choosing to study MBBS in China are as follows.
  • 45 NMC accredited MBBS universities in China offer medical education.
  • The high national arts infrastructure is another reason to study MBBS in China.
  • The admission process is easy.
  • Students admitted to Chinese medical universities gain an international perspective.
  • In this country, there is a very low probability of not being granted a visa.
  • China’s low crime rate makes it a safe country for Pakistani students.

Prospective medical students can enroll in world-class MBBS programs in China at low costs.

Course duration

  • MBBS (BSc) 6 years
  • Dentistry (BSc) 5 years
  • Pharmacy (BSc) 4 years
  • Nursing (BSc) 4 years

Language of instruction for MBBS in China

All Chinese NMC accredited universities offer medical education in English. There is no language barrier for students from Pakistan studying MBBS in China.

Admission procedures for MBBS in China

The easy admission process is one of the highlights of the Chinese MBBS program. Learn more about the process.

Contact Intimestudyadvisors for an overview of the entire MBBS application process in China.

Once you have applied, you will need to submit the required documents including class 10 certificates, class 12 certificates and diplomas, MDCAT certificate, and scans of the first and last pages of your passport.

The application will be forwarded to the relevant university.

Once the university has received your application, it will send you a letter confirming that you have been accepted. You will then receive a provisional registration letter, a visa application form, a medical certificate and regulations.

All the documents below must be duly completed and signed and sent to the Intime Study Advisor.

Signed Rules and Regulations Form.

Copy of passport.

Copy of police certificate.

Visa application form (signed only) and necessary photographs.

Medical Certificate Completed and signed by a government doctor, with the doctor’s registration number on the front photo and the hospital stamp on the back. Other medical certificates (Hepatitis B, blood group, VDRL, HIV, ECG, eye test, X-ray, blood pressure, and blood count) must also be submitted.

Forms of rules and regulations

The intimestudyadvisors then request form JW202.

Once the JW202 form is received and the original passport is received by the PAO within 21 days, the Intime Study Advisor applies for a visa at the Chinese consulate/embassy. The applicant will receive the visa within 10 days.

During this time, the student must obtain written instructions from the Intime Study Advisor and make the necessary travel arrangements. All documents and original certificates must be submitted to the relevant university.

Advantages of studying MBBS in China

  • Studying MBBS in China offers countless opportunities.
  • The medical courses offered by Chinese medical universities are recognized worldwide.
  • There are many job opportunities in China after completing an MBBS.
  • There is no racial discrimination against students in China.
  • China’s top ten medical universities enjoy great popularity worldwide.
  • China’s medical universities offer students affordable accommodation.
  • International partnerships offer students an international experience.
  • The standard of medical education in Chinese universities is very high.