India Visa Requirements for German Citizens

India’s tourism is at an all-time high and is expected to continue booming in years to come. While figures for 2018 are yet to be released, over 10 million foreign tourists visited the country in 2017 which prompted the Travel and Tourism Competitiveness Report to rank India number 40 on its list of travel destinations out of 136 other countries, and its tourism sector 10th out of 136. From the Taj Mahal, sacred temples, exotic beaches, to the 37 different UNESCO world heritage sites, India has a lot to offer tourists.

At the same time, the booming economy of India makes it a great investment spot for businessmen. As the biggest economy in South Asia and 7th largest globally in nominal GDP, INDIAN VISA FOR GERMAN CITIZENS is a haven for anyone looking to invest. It has a young population, and the economy is headed for positive growth in the next decade. In fact, in 2015-16, the country experienced economic growth of 7.6% topping World Bank’s growth outlook for the year.

With all that India has to offer tourists and businessmen alike, it is no wonder more foreigners from countries like Germany put India high on their vacation and investment list. This has prompted the Indian Government to revise and make the visa process for nationalities, like Germans, much easier.

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Do German Passport Holders Need a Visa for India?

Germans traveling to India require a visa permitting them to enter the country. The country no longer provides an option of visa on arrival. Getting an Indian visa for German citizens is a lot easier than you may think. The Indian Government introduced an India e-Tourist visa application system for citizens from 166 countries, and Germany is included on the list.

The eVisa is granted to any German citizen that is in hope of going to India for a short trip as a tourist and/or for medical or business related visits. Each visit purpose has a subcategory within the eVisa application, so you must mention within your application what your purpose is for visiting the country.

When applying for an Indian visa from Germany, you can do everything online with the eVisa process. The eVisa application can be submitted, at the earliest, 120 days before your trip. The latest an application can be submitted is 4 days before your flight to India. With an eVisa, Germans can stay in India for a period of 90 days. There is no option to extend or change the type of visa once granted. It also permits entry into India via 3 seaports and 24 designated airports which include: Delhi, Mumbai, Goa, and Chennai.

Required Documents for Getting the Indian Visa for Germans

The Indian visa requirements for German citizens are simple. The whole eVisa application process is straightforward and requires the following documents:

  • A completed INDIAN VISA FOR CHINESE CITIZENS with payment
  • A valid passport. Applicants will need to submit a colored scanned copy of their biographical passport pages
  • A passport sized photograph with a white background

The application and documents are submitted online. So you can apply for the visa from the comforts of your home which is why it is ideal for anyone planning a short trip to India, no matter the reason.

When submitting the documents, it’s important to make sure that they meet all the requirements of the Indian embassy. If not, applications are likely to be rejected.

Indian Visa Application Form for German Citizens

The Indian visa for Germans application form can seem long but it is mostly information you should know. The information required is as follows:

  • Name as it appears on your passport
  • Place and date of birth
  • Contact information: address, email, and phone numbers
  • Passport details
  • Professional details
  • Educational details
  • Marital status
  • Religion
  • Travel history for the past 10 years
  • Expected entry and exit points in India
  • Details of where you plan on staying and visiting within India
  • Visible marks of identification
  • Various security questions

While filling out all the information may seem time-consuming, India eVisa has transformed the overall visa application process into a simple 3-step process. You go through the application process, review and make payment (via credit or debit card), and wait to receive your approval. It generally takes 2 business days for the decision on your visa which will be emailed to you. With a streamlined application process, applying for an Indian tourist visa for Germans couldn’t be easier.