6 Amazing Ways to Use Moroccan Tiles for Your Home

There’s something appealing about Moroccan tiles and their captivating patterns that provide a vibrant and striking look in your living space. This is probably the reason why the use of these tiles has increased in recent decades, with their color palette expanding beyond whites and blues, and recently, it’s been seen in Indian homes too. Why is that? It’s the most efficient method to add a splash of fashion to your interiors!

Due to their striking and vivid look, Moroccan tiles can become the center of attention in any room. Here are some places to highlight using these elegant tiles.

1: Make your kitchen backsplash vibrant with Moroccan Tiles

In the case of kitchen interiors, it’s just about the cabinets, but also how you can add some fashion. Moroccan Tiles for walls will surely bring a more positive vibe to the kitchen. They are great for white or neutral kitchens, don’t be scared to match them with vibrant cabinets.

2: Put them on the Kitchen Floor, Too!

Moroccan tiles for your kitchen flooring can also create a stylish style. If you’re looking for glamour to be your preferred style the pristine blue-and-white tiles are the best way to go. The kitchen Moroccan tiles flooring isn’t overpowering the room and can add an exciting touch to your kitchen, too.

3: Revamp Your Living Room Floor Moroccan Tiles

If you’re planning to keep your living area basic, using Moroccan tiles as flooring is sure to add some spark. The striking pattern makes for amazing interiors worthy of Instagram. The guests you invite to your home will surely be awed by these stunning interiors!

4: Design an Elegant Style for Your Balcony Flooring with Moroccan Tiles

If you have an outdoor space that is large or small, Moroccan tile flooring is sure to impress. In the sun it makes the appear more bright and spacious. We love the way it matches the traditional wooden bench as well as the bright pops of colour on the cushions in the picture above.

5: A Pop of Print

You could also keep things simple and tidy by having a an isolated wall covered with vibrant Moroccan tiles. One popular option is to place them behind the stove inside the kitchen. Do you not immediately turn your attention to the tiles shown in the picture above?

6: What do you think of Moroccan tile sticker?

This is a great hack If you don’t want spend a fortune on tiles or to renovate your current space. Make use of an adhesive sheet and Moroccan tile designs across your floors. This new technique from Herrlich Tileskin makes use of laminate sheets that can be glued to your flooring easily. It’s like the real flooring and is waterproof too!


Moroccan tiles aren’t too difficult to maintain if you adhere to some simple cleaning guidelines. Clean your floors regularly using some water along with a neutral cleaner. It is possible to use a mix of warm water and vinegar and wipe clean using the help of a soft cloth. For stubborn stains, wash using bicarbonate soda and water. Although the use of vacuum cleaners is not harmful for the tiles, beware of harsh brushes, ammonia-based bleach cleaning products.