Why You Need to Travel Overseas for Dental Care Services

Citizens of developed countries are trooping to the airports to board flights to other countries to have their dental cases treated. This has become more of a yearly occurrence. Dental travel now makes up for nearly half of all medical tourism. It’s not uncommon for you to wonder what could come out of dental travel. For starters, developed countries tend to offer health care at an increasing rate; people seek ways to evade this. The truth is you can save more with dental travel. Here you will find out all you need to know about dental tourism, what’s in it for you and the risks involved.

The advantage of low-cost dental care in destinations like Turkey

Countries that are developed like Canada and UK, even with their available universal healthcare policies, have high costs of dental treatments. It may not be easy to get affordable oral care aside from the basics. People who earn an average income cannot afford dental care because the general cost of healthcare is pricey.

Most importantly, just a couple of dental treatments are classified as reconstructive, and so many of the much-needed dental procedures like implants are classified as aesthetic. Dentures, smile makeovers and other aesthetic dental procedures are not covered by healthcare insurance. Because of this, patients pay for these treatments on their own. By travelling to less developed countries where dental costs are low, but the standards are high can help deal with the high price of dental services in your local developed nation. Dental travel makes sense when the cost is reduced, but the care is of premium quality. However, at what low price can dental treatments be done to truly justify that it’s cheap?

Price comparison

Patients that come from Western nations can save more with dental travel. Take Turkey, for instance; this country is a top-list dental tourism destination. There are zero-cost initial consultations in Turkey to appeal to new patients at dental clinics. Even in Ireland, the needed dental procedures are expensive. But in Turkey, the cost of treating periodontitis is a third of the cost charged by these other countries. You will pay nearly a thousand euros to get basic cosmetic procedures like a scale and polish in the UK. But this same treatment in Turkey will cost only £300 or less. The mild oral procedure may not be expensive, but for complex cosmetic treatments, patients travel to Turkey and save a lot of money.

Many patients who are aged opt for implant treatment as a solution for missing teeth. Speciality treatment like the all-on-4 is a good replacement for teeth that are missing on a full arc of the jaw. However, the general cost of this treatment in Canada, UK is about £15,000. One dental implant in Turkey can be obtained for £800. For a treatment like smile makeover which encompasses procedures such as implants, veneers and others, the cost will be skyhigh in developed countries where there is no insurance cover. As a better alternative, you can go to Turkey for this treatment and have it done for half the price charged in the UK, especially when you are not entitled to insurance coverage.

Why do some nations offer cheap dental care than others?

Countries that are very poor will bring down their healthcare cost so the low-income earners can afford it. But in the case of Turkey, her currency allows the cost of healthcare to be reduced for more reasons than one.

Why should I pay for dental tourism?

Hotel accommodations, flight tickets, plus treatment cost all add up to the general cost of treatment overseas. Is it possible to get some savings on this?

Well, it comes down to where your flight starts. For instance, a flight from Germany to Turkey is very low on the cost compared to flying from North America to Turkey, which will cost close to or above £800. How about a hotel stay? It would take so much to rent a hotel accommodation. It depends, though. Thanks to active tourism in Turkey, patients can get inexpensive short-term stays in hotels and other hospitality facilities. The cost of flying is all cheaper than a flight to the UK or other nations in Europe.

Combined with cosmetic dental procedures, travel cost is way lesser in Turkey.

Citizens of European countries that are close to Turkey can easily get in and out of the country for dentures or a scale and polish. It’s very economical to travel from Australia or North America for a cosmetic dental treatment that is pricey, like complete teeth veneers, smile makeovers, etc.

We advise you consider the cost of travelling following your local residence and your chosen travel season. Most of the time, patients can travel out for dental care than getting treated by local clinics in their developed home countries.

Combine dental treatment with a getaway

In addition to low-cost oral care, patients can have great fun all the time they are receiving dental care in Turkey.

Tourism in Turkey is like what Italy offers; it’s huge! These include great beaches, historic sites,  a tan in the Mediterranean sun, delicacies, and home furnishings like durable antique Turkish rugs; the list is endless. There are fantastic sporting tours you can also enjoy in Turkey, including hiking.

Just to pull visiting patients close, most dental offices in Turkey are close to tourist sites. And sure, there are tourism packages for foreign patients at some dental offices. This package covers affordable flight tickets and hotel stays within a short distance of the clinic. And the clinics may reward you with zero-cost consultation and transfers from the hotel to the clinic. These packages offer savings on expenses and seamless travel plans.

Enjoy improved dental care

Patients from both developed and developing countries can enjoy premium quality dental procedures, including the expensive all-on-4 implants in Turkey, at a low price.

Clinics in Turkey boast of the finest tech, procedures and medical facilities, including in-house laboratories. This is a destination where you’ll enjoy uncommon European standard medical treatment. Again flight tickets, hotel stays, and clinical expenses are cheaper when you choose a Turkey dental practice than clinics in the UK. It’s true that Germany and Canada are notorious for national care, but this is the exclusive right of citizens. Turkey avails everybody of affordable dental care anytime.

What dental treatment should I plan to get oversea?

Any treatment that is not covered by your healthcare insurance (the type you’ll pay for by yourself) and you feel will be better performed can be sought abroad. Other than that, you can get local clinics to treat your dental concerns.

The following cosmetic dental treatments can be sought overseas:

  • Gum contouring
  • Sinus lifting
  • Scaling and polishing
  • Dentures
  • Bridges
  • Crowns
  • Lumineers
  • Veneers
  • Etc

Do well to compare your local clinic price with that of Turkey before you go.

Know the risks involved

People suffering from chronic trauma may not be suitable to fly out for dental treatment as an attack may be set off.

If you are getting your health restored after an organ transplant, kidney failure or heart disease, it is not wise you go on dental tourism as your chances of getting infected increase during an invasive dental treatment. Again, it’s likely you’ll require special medical care for an oral treatment an abroad clinic may not professionally perform. While overseas, you may not qualify for emergency medical care, which you can easily get in your country. Should travelling be one of your stress triggers, avoid it. You must find out how the dental system in your planned destination works prior to travelling. This is important, so you select only the best clinic, not the quacks.

Clinics in Turkey boast of the finest tech, procedures and medical facilities, including in-house laboratories. This is a destination where you’ll enjoy uncommon European standard medical treatment. Again flight tickets, hotel stays, and clinical expenses are cheaper when you choose a dental clinic in Turkey than clinics in the UK.

If you are out to try out a reliable dental practice in Turkey, then New Teeth Turkey is the ideal practice for you. Reach out to us today for more information.