Why Laravel Is the Best PHP Framework?

Well let us just begin with by saying that everyone just loves php. It has been here literally for almost three decades. During this particular time, php has gained the title of the most beloved web development language out there. hire dedicated php developer to look after your software requirements.

Suppose there is only one framework that deserves to be called the most popular framework. This is probably called Laravel. Therefore, you might want to hire Laravel developers. Also, you might not know if this is even the right choice. 

You can keep on reading for information.

You might not be required to read much. Our message can be pretty clear to be honest. Laravel indeed is the best php framework out there and full stop. However, if you really want to learn why we are so sure about this, we can explain.

However, firstly we can go through certain definitions.

What Exactly is Laravel?

Laravel is completely an open source and a one hundred percent free php web framework. It is developed by Taylor Otwell. Taylor Otwell can certainly help to create web apps based on Symphony and also following the model view controller or the MVC architectural pattern.

Also, it is well known for the highly elegant and expressive syntax. This makes the development way more pleasant. 

Now, we can all go through the brief history of Laravel.

We can all time travel back to 2012. Well, the best php framework market is a total mess absolutely. There was also no single framework that would be accepted by the majority of the developers. Also, there are different frameworks that were competing with one another.

They can all boast about the features. However, none of them were really the solution the developers were looking for.

Totally at around this time, Taylor Otwell was utilizing the code igniter. He realized very well that he desired features that did not exist ultimately. Also, he needed to completely mangle the internal coding of a framework to get them. Hire dedicated php developers to look after your software requirements.

Therefore, instead, he decided to create something that was much simpler, leaner, and far more flexible.

Additionally, there are a bunch of issues in php. These issues need to be solved too. Php did not really warn you or catch your particular code errors for instance. The code errors could practically be easily pointed out while you were writing the code.

Therefore, in a way, you can definitely contribute to working on a poorer code forever without even realizing the same. Taylor had decided to fix it all and also create a far simpler framework that would be the go-to for all the developers.

All of this is exactly how Laravel was born. You can all fast forward to the year 2021. Here, Laravel was the best known php framework. Most of the alternatives do not even come close to it.

Therefore, why exactly is Laravel so popular today? Well, we can explain it all right now.

Why is Laravel the best php framework?

Here are actually some of the features that can make Laravel such a great choice –

  • Heightened Performance With the MVC Architecture

Mvc stands for the model view controller. It is also the architecture utilized in Laravel quite a lot. Development is actually effortless with MVC. You can also have quite a great base in order to develop.

There can be both small as well as large applications. Let us just say that you have a pretty huge project with more than five files. Mvc will always make it easy in order to organize all of them entirely.

All of them can definitely help you keep your maintenance and also work with the project more efficiently. Suppose mvc was not there, you might probably end up losing the code structures entirely.  

Additionally, the project could even get all messed up. 

Stunning Layouts With the Template Engine

It does not matter which web app you are working with; you might most probably have to deal with loads of data in the text formats. You can help to avoid that as well. You shall need different template engines.

Laravel always offers the great blade template engine. It is a completely lightweight and extremely powerful pre-set template. The template helps always in order to make the development process easier and faster.

Most importantly, all of this comes with great excellent layouts. You can all utilize the blade template engine and also display the data and the extension of the layouts without completely affecting the performance or the speed of the apps.

Suppose, you do not like the default layouts, you can also develop yours. 

  • Quick and Simple Commands with Artisan CLI

There is the command line interface or CLI. The cli of Laravel makes the entire process of the development of apps pretty effortless. It also has some of the symphony console components in order to make the building process even more efficient. 

Suppose you are not completely or entirely familiar with the Symphony console. Then, let us tell you that it is one of the most helpful database management and migration tools. It helps you build more models, skeleton codes, controllers, and even more.

Additionally, there is the great artisan tool that also eliminates manual coding and speeds up the entire development process.

  • Built in Authentications and Authorization

Laravel provides a completely out of the box configuration for the authentication and even the authorization systems. In just a few artisan commands, the app can be equipped with the secure authentication and authorization. 

  • Packaging Systems

There is the packaging system that deals with the multiple support software or even the libraries. The libraries help the web app in order to develop the process. Laravel utilizes the composer as a dependency manager. 

The dependency manager is great because it manages all the information needed to manage the packages. The packages are a great way to accelerate the development. The development is required to ultimately provide the functionalities we require out of the box.

Image, Laravel debug bars and even Laravel ide helpers are some of the best Laravel packages.

  • Multiple File Systems

Laravel too has a completely built-in support for the entire cloud storage. The entire cloud storages mentioned are Amazon S3 and the rack space cloud storages. Of course, there is the local storage as well.

It is also amazingly simple in order to switch between the said storages. The said storage options could be API. The API can remain the same for every system out there. One can also utilize all the three systems in one app in order to serve the files from the multiple locations, like in a distributed environment. 

  • Eloquent ORM

There is always the eloquent ORM that is Laravel’s built in ORM implementation. Laravel has indeed the best object relational mapper as compared to the other frameworks that are out there. There is this particular object relational mapping that allows you to interact completely with all the database objects.

Additionally, there are the database relationships utilizing the expressive syntaxes. 

  • Task Scheduling

The great Scheduler has been introduced in Laravel 5.0. It is an addition to the Artisan command line utilities that allow the entire programmatic scheduling of the periodically executed tasks.

The scheduler also relies on the cron daemon quite internally. This is all to run a single Artisan job that in turn completely executes the highly configured tasks. 

  • Events And Broadcastings

Laravel comes with a great concept known as broadcasting. Broadcasting is extremely useful in the modern web apps in order to implement the real time data structures. Laravel can always show the live feeds, etc.

Broadcasting always allows you to share similar events. There are also the names between your server side and the client side. Therefore, you should be able to pull the real time data from the application.

  • Testing

It might all just come down to the testing of the app Laravel by default provides the unit test for. The unit test obviously comprises those tests that completely detect and also prevent all sorts of regressions in the frameworks.

The integration of a php unit such as the testing framework is extremely easy in Laravel app. Additionally, the unit tests can be run through the provided artisan command-line utilities. Hire the best Laravel development company to look after your software requirements.

Apart from these frameworks, Laravel also has the official packages that come completely handy while integrating the various features in the app.

Therefore, you might be looking out for the best php framework. You also do not need to think much. Laravel is all you require actually. Also, there might be those frameworks that shall beat it in the future. 

Today, it gets the most market share of the php frameworks. It makes the lives of the php developers far easier.