What are the Top 7 Benefits of Swimming?

Swimming is that kind of sport that brings together people of all conditions. The activity doesn’t have much impact, so even children, pregnant women and people with joint problems tend to do well.

The benefits of swimming in Lifeguard recertification near me are many. And it is considered one of the most complete sports of all, as it works cardiorespiratory function, while training various muscle groups.

Even if you’re not a Michael Phelps in the sport, that doesn’t stop you from dedicating yourself to training in the pool and being able to build stronger muscles.

Check out the advantages of the sport below and learn how to perform well in it!

What are the top 7 benefits of swimming?

Like other physical activities, swimming has many advantages. We’ve gathered the main ones!

1. Stimulates weight loss

Swimming leads to intense energy expenditure, promoting the reduction of body fat and weight loss. A 50-minute class can lead to a caloric expenditure of 450kcal . However, know that these numbers vary for each person, as factors such as metabolic rate and intensity of practice are major influencers.

2. Improves the respiratory system

Basically, all sports improve the cardiorespiratory condition, however, swimming forces us to regulate breathing in the correct way .

It strengthens the lungs and helps in dilating the bronchi. In addition, the horizontal position of the body in this practice, in an environment of high air humidity, produces less dryness of the airways. Water pressure, in turn, helps with exhalation. This makes this sport highly recommended for those who have asthma or bronchitis .

3. Improves heart health

The movements made when swimming strengthen the muscles of the heart . The activity helps in the production of nitric oxide, generating vasodilation and improving blood circulation. With this, the heart starts pumping more blood, and the beats are more stable.

For those who have fat on the walls of the arteries, as in the case of atherosclerosis, swimming is highly recommended.

4. Improves cognitive and social skills

It also contributes to gains in motor coordination, intellectual development and social skills. For children, especially, this is very positive. In addition, it is beneficial for the mother’s relationship with the baby, as it provides more physical contact and generates a feeling of comfort.

5. It has low impact

Another great benefit is that swimming is a non-impact sport, unlike, say, running. In addition to bones and joints not being at risk, they are strengthened, which can relieve pain caused by diseases such as osteoarthritis and arthritis .

6. Tones the muscles

Water is denser than air. This means that the force done inside the pool is greater than outdoors . Work promotes endurance and
muscle tone. Not to mention that the activity can involve several muscle groups simultaneously, such as the abdomen, trunk, arms, glutes, legs and chest.

7. Improves sleep

Water also helps to relax. Activities inside it usually require a lot of effort from the body, promoting an increased feeling of drowsiness and a more peaceful night.