Reasons For Having PBX Business Phone Systems In Your Company

Are you considering installing PBX business phone systems in your company or for business? Installing PBX phone systems means having a unique mobile PBX number ensures that your customers, prospects, vendors, etc. Save your business contact number on their mobile devices. You can call or write to this number on WhatsApp without dialing multiple numbers or searching the Internet for a fixed number. All you need is a Hosted Call Center to make it more accessible. 


If your company has several contact numbers (e.g., a landline and three cell phones) and you are receiving more than two simultaneous calls for each one, it could be affecting your company’s identity. In addition, the covid-19 pandemic taught us that telephone systems

 contact must be easy and fast. Preferably 24 hours a day. Otherwise, you could be driving your customers away.


Suppose your company has an analog or IP Telephony plant with Simcard systems through GSM Gateways or 2G or 3G cellular plants. In that case, it is urgent to change these telephone systems since they only allow you to handle one (1) simultaneous call.


In these telephony schemes, if your clients make more than one call to these numbers, it is cut off, it will sound busy, among other things, generating in the client an image that their numbers are bad, and they will end up calling their competition. Hence, PBX business phone systems work the best way. 


Outdated technology:


Fixed (local) numbers are being relegated, especially with the dialing change that began in September 2021. That caused many people to no longer be interested in learning how to call a landline. They look for a contact cell phone, which is more practical and allows rapid communication at the national level without the need to handle any indicative.

Having a mobile PBX phone system in your company associated with the IP Telephony system is the ideal scheme to manage, given that due to mobility, availability, and integration of services, this type of communication becomes a fundamental pillar for marketing and expansion strategies of the companies.


Proof of this is that through PBX phone systems and with the experience of the current pandemic, companies could maintain internal communications between employees. Still, with an aggravating circumstance, many lost the privacy of their personal number to avoid losing contact with the employees and customers.


This is a worrying issue if you are the Manager or owner of the company. It is happening that customers call directly to the personal cell phones of salespeople, and technicians, among others, losing control, traceability, and management of calls, a fundamental pillar in ​​customer service.


Telecommuting and the new normal:

With the rise of teleworking and the hybrid work modality (face-to-face and remote), companies have been tasked with strengthening their communication systems with customers and betting on technologies that adapt to the new reality. So, where to look if we all have it at our fingertips, then how to implement it? This is where the solution alternative arises that represents the implementation of mobile PBX business phone systems that allows you, among many other benefits, to enjoy the following:


Receive and make simultaneous calls on the same cell phone number, so no call goes unanswered. That is, the customer always receives attention.

Redirect incoming calls to internal agents of your company for personalized attention, but with the advantage that the employee can be anywhere and can answer the call directly on his cell phone, which allows your company always to be available to the customer.


Forget about infrastructure since the implementation is done in the cloud. Therefore there is no longer a need for tedious network cabling at physical headquarters, changing telecommunications equipment, or upgrading equipment since a large part of the implementation is based on mobile technology.


This type of telephone system allows for greater business growth since it reduces costs in contracts with operators, minimizes infrastructure, and expands the portfolio of services and tools available to the client, which leads to a greater scope of the market niche and therefore increases in sales or services.


The significance of PBX phone systems


With a mobile PBX phone systemyou can integrate multiple tools and enjoy advantages such as identifying bottlenecks to optimize the flow of communications, call recording, use of metrics for analysis and statistics, and integration with telephone robots. All this, through database data, provides automatic information 24/7 to users, which is a strong plus today in a world that is advancing by leaps and bounds.


Cellular telephony, the Internet, and the Cloud are now the means to use because, in places where television does not reach, news arrives through mobile phones and where the physical banking network does not reach.