Parquet Flooring and Engineered Wooden Flooring

If you’re not sure whether Parquet Flooring or Engineered Wooden Flooring is right for your home, it may help to consider the differences between the two. Engineered wood is generally made from softwood while Parquet is typically made from hardwoods. Despite the difference in material, both types of flooring can look luxurious. Continue reading to learn the key differences between these two flooring types.

Hardwoods are less likely to be used in engineered wood

In terms of cost, engineered wood is less expensive than the best parquet flooring in Dubai, but it’s also more vulnerable to damage. Engineered wood flooring is usually composed of multiple layers of hardwood, including a veneer. The difference between parquet and engineered wood is the number of layers. The number of layers in engineered wood is a measure of how strong and durable the material is. Generally, engineered wood is cheaper than parquet flooring while hardwood is more expensive.

Although engineered wood flooring is generally considered environmentally friendly, it’s important to know that some products, particularly those made from hardwoods, are not certified as sustainable. In fact, a recent study by Consumer Reports found that many engineered wood products release formaldehyde over time. The amount of formaldehyde released increases the longer the floor is in place. This means that your new hardwood flooring may be secretly emitting formaldehyde. If you’d prefer to avoid off-gassing, you should choose parquet flooring instead.

Parquet flooring requires proper care. To maintain its appearance, it must be swept or vacuumed regularly. To maintain its lustre, you can use a wood floor cleaner. However, make sure to avoid using water or vinegar on the wood floor. For best results, use only a dry microfiber dust mop. Microfiber is a great choice for gathering dirt without damaging the surface. Parquet flooring needs to be installed on a subfloor or grade. Engineered hardwood can be installed directly onto a concrete slab, over radiant heat systems, and even below grade.

Parquet flooring is made of softwoods

Engineered wood is a popular choice for wood floors, but it is not as expensive as solid hardwood. Engineered wood is also known as composite wood or man-made lumber, and is manufactured to meet specific performance requirements. It is often made from the same softwoods and hardwoods used in lumber. These floors are also available in different wood colours and finishes, giving you a variety of options to fit your decor.

Unlike traditional hardwoods, engineered wood is not refinished. The real wood is placed on a wearable surface, with a composite backing and core. Because wood floors are usually made from different wood types, they are available in almost any width. Parquet flooring, on the other hand, varies in size and colour, and gives a geometric look.

Hardwoods are generally more durable and resistant to dents and scratches than softwoods. While they may look good when new, the edges and corners will begin to squeak after a few months. Softwoods are also more prone to dents and scratches than hardwoods, so they might not be the best choice for high-traffic areas.

Parquet flooring is an elegant option

If you’re looking for an elegant option for Engineered Wooden floor installation, consider Parquet flooring pairs in Dubai. This flooring option is classic and versatile. Its geometric patterns make it a great choice for living rooms, dining rooms, and foyers. Parquet floors are relatively easy to install. You can hire a professional fitter to install them for you, or you can do it yourself with some basic knowledge.

The best part about Engineered Wood flooring is that it can mimic the look of solid wood. It’s made from multiple layers of timber and hardwood that show off the natural beauty of real wood. Another benefit to Engineered Wood flooring is that it requires less hardwood than parquet flooring, which makes it more sustainable. As a result, you’ll save money on your flooring. Parquet flooring can transform a room into a stylish and sophisticated space.


As with any other wood flooring, Parquet is highly versatile. It complements almost any design and adds an elegant flair. It’s especially great for a hallway or lounge. Parquet blocks are also highly durable, making them an excellent choice for high-traffic areas. You can also combine them with tile if you prefer a more modern look. Regardless of what type of wood flooring you choose, you’ll find a variety of designs and colours that fit your design scheme.