Medical Marijuana: Using Cannabis for Anxiety and Depression

Medical Marijuana is a drug that has brought relief to many anxieties and depression patients and is being researched as an alternative drug for mental health issue. Unfortunately, some patients with these disorders are still skeptical about using medical Marijuana, but perceptions are changing based on the research showing its positive effects.

Anxiety and depression are mental disorders common in adults and adolescents in the post-COVID world. Reports from the WHO show that more than 260 million people are experiencing depression. Managing anxiety and depression can be challenging as they can be caused by different conditions that can have underlying illnesses.

Nevertheless, Medical Marijuana has grown in popularity for its potency and efficacy in treating various illnesses and symptoms such as chronic pain, vomiting, high blood pressure, weight loss, etc. Doctors at My Florida Green Clinic have administered medical Marijuana to patients with high success rates.

Patients suffering from mental health issues are worried that they might end up making their health condition worse than it already is. This is because Marijuana contains two major cannabinoids known as delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabidiol (CBD). The most effective cannabinoid is THC, but it is also psychoactive and could invigorate the patient using it and make the patient ‘high’. However, CBD also has terrific therapeutic effects like THC but is not psychoactive like THC.

This is because CBD plays down the euphoric effect that THC brings and enables patients to get relief from the symptoms without feeling ‘high’. Therefore, patients do not have to worry about the euphoric effects of THC when taking medical Marijuana because the drug comes in different strains with THC and CBD in varying proportions. This makes Medical Marijuana Card Merritt Island very effective in relieving anxiety and elevating patients’ moods.

How to Choose the Right Medical Marijuana Product

Cannabis comes in different shapes and forms, with varying combinations of the active chemical, strain, and dose; hence it becomes pivotal to successful treatment that an expert determines the product to use.

Patients suffering from symptoms of anxiety and depression should ensure that they select an experienced specialist to prescribe them with the right Marijuana strain. Patients are advised not to purchase medical Marijuana and self-medicate as this can be dangerous and can make the depression worse.

Instead, patients should reach out to qualified marijuana doctors for proper assessment of their health conditions. And prescribe the appropriate strain of medical Marijuana suitable for their health. My Florida Green has the most experienced Marijuana doctors that are experienced in administering Cannabis for managing anxiety and depression.

How does Marijuana Help Patients

We all have felt sad and low during certain situations, but these feelings gradually fade with time. For people suffering from clinical depression, this intense feeling of sadness never leaves, and they lose all interest in everyday activities.

People who are depress experience fatigue, lack of sleep, weight loss, memory issues, etc, which add to the debilitating symptoms of the illness. Similarly, we all feel anxious during stressful situations at work or in our personal lives. But as the stressors leave the feelings get better.

Patients with anxiety disorder usually experience endless nervousness, worry, restlessness and sleepless nights (insomnia), tension, and fear. Which is persistent and never goes away. So how does Medical Marijuana Card Fort Lauderdale relieve this symptom?

Research has shown that THC and CBD contained in Cannabis can interact with CB1 and CB2. Receptors in the endocannabinoid system to regulate overall body functions. Also, the cannabinoids affect the serotonin receptor known as 5-HT1A receptors which regulate the ‘happiness feeling’ in humans. Scientists refer to serotonin as the “happiness molecule” because reduce serotonin levels have been observe. To aggravate anxiety and depression disorders in patients.

Another study in 2019 discovered that CBD has antidepressant effects. CBD increases the brain-derived neurotrophic factor (BDNF), improving patients’ mood. Conversely, lower levels of BDNF have been observe in patients with depression.

Many patients have testified that when they take Marijuana, they experience calmness and relief from pains. They sleep better, their appetite improves and they feel a sense of soothing calm. Marijuana helps to improve the sleep and memory of patients, and as such, patients feel energized. Refreshed and more focused in the morning after a good sleep and rest.

How should Anxiety and Depression Patients take Medical Marijuana

Medical Marijuana can be take by patients having anxiety and depression by ingesting, vaping, inhaling, or eating with baked food. However, patients should be careful about the doses of Medical Marijuana they take for their anxiety and depression attacks.

Studies have shown that only a tiny quantity of THC is need to relieve anxiety and depression symptoms. Because it is very potent. In addition, it has intense psychoactive effects on people. On the other hand, patients can take CBD in increased amounts for the same symptoms. Giving desired relief without making them feel ‘high’.

Any method patients choose to take should be discuss with their physicians. And a marijuana expert to ensure that the procedure is suitable for their health condition. Marijuana experts at My Florida Green Clinic can determine the amount of THC and CBD that an anxiety and depression patient should take, judging from the patient’s medical history.

The qualified doctors are always available for consultation. They would design a personalized plan for patients, which includes making decisions about the marijuana strain. That best suits the patients and the best mode of taking the drug.