List of Immigration programs you can apply for

Canada is one of the most sought destinations for many professionals to settle and work. Since 2014, Canada has provided permanent residency to skilled workers. Although Canada has over 60 visa programs, below, you can find the list of four Canadian immigration programs that you can apply for. Migrating to Canada involves choosing agencies for Canada immigration that will help you throughout your visa application. There are a lot of immigration consultancies out there which may offer you services that might gain your attention. It is entirely up to you; who do you go with and why? 

Below are the top five categories for skilled immigration: 

Essential Worker Stream

Canada is currently accepting 30,000 essential workers to become permanent residents in Canada. Below are the requirements needed:

  • At least one year of work experience OR equivalent part-time experience of 1,560 hours
  • be employed in Canada in any field at the time of your application
  • Language band of at least 4 in English or French
  • Outside of Quebec
  • Cannot be inadmissible to Canada

Healthcare Worker Stream

Canada is currently inviting 20,000 healthcare workers to become permanent residents of Canada. Below are the requirements needed:

  • At least one year of work experience either as a qualifying occupation OR equivalent part-time experience of 1,560 hours
  • Be employed in Canada in any field at the time of your application
  • Language band of at least 4 in English or French
  • Outside of Quebec
  • Cannot be inadmissible to Canada

Canadian Experience Class (CEC)

The Canadian Experience Class (CEC) is an immigration program which aims to help temporary foreign workers and international students to apply for Canadian work experience and education in their Canada PR application. Through the Canadian Experience Class program, applicants can easily apply for Permanent Resident Status within a year. Temporary Resident Permit holders who want to convert their status as Permanent Residence using the Canadian Experience Class must have either two years of work experience or completed one year of post-secondary studies and one year of employment. Canadian Experience Class is a prevalent option for those temporary workers who cannot meet the requirements designed in the federal skilled worker program.

Federal Skilled Worker Program (FSWP)

If your Canadian employer has offered you permanent employment, you can easily apply under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. The worker must meet the requirements under this program. The authority will give the points to the applicants on factors such as education, age, adaptability, language skills and the job offer. It can take up to 12-18 months to process.

Provincial Nominee Program (PNP)

Under the Provincial Nominee Program, workers are nominated for Permanent Residency by employers in different provinces. As per the program, the applicants must be highly skilled for specific jobs.

How to choose the best program?

There are many programs and ways to apply for a permanent residency visa in Canada. However, based on your work experience, occupation, job profile, etc., you can choose the most suitable program that fits you. 

For this, you must have the minimum points for Canada PR:

  • Your score must be between 67 to 100 points.
  • Your work experience should be as per the requirement of Canada.
  • Achieve minimum bands in the IELTS and TOEFL exams.
  • Maintain enough funds in your account.
  • You must provide essential papers such as employment letters, Education, Language proficiency, etc.

The Canada point calculation system is the best tool to check your score and how you can proceed further.

  1. Age: Scoring 12 points would be the best if your age is between 18 and 35.
  2. Education: Secure 25 points quickly by showing a doctorate-level degree. It works on the concept that the higher your degree, the higher your score. 
  3. Work Experience: Try to score at least 15 out of 67 points if you have good work experience.
  4. Language Proficiency: Score 28 points in language proficiency by scoring well on the language test.
  5. Adaptability: You can earn an extra 10 points if your family live in Canada. In addition, their educational background and work experience in Canada is also considered.
  6. Job Offer: Get additional 10 points if you hold an LMIA-approved employment offer letter from Canada.

Keep all your Documents Beforehand. 

IRCC, Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada require you to submit a set of necessary documents to be considered for Canadian PR. However, you should know that there are documents such as police verification reports, healthcare reports and proof of enough funds, etc., which may take time to acquire. It is advised to start working on that as soon as possible to avoid delays. 

  1. i) Original and Valid Passport
  2. ii) A fully completed and duly signed application form

iii) Colored and sized photographs (Size should be according to the size given in the form

  1. iv) Past work experience or salary slips
  2. v) Offer Letter or Call letter from whosoever has invited you 

To apply for Canadian PR, the agencies for Canada immigration will help you easily score better for attaining Canada PR status. Achintya immigration consultants are experts in helping you through the complicated maze that is immigration.