Know About the Norton LifeLock Phishing Scam Installs

norton 360 email scam

Another instance of fake brand identity This latest fraudster is targeting thousands of LifeLock customers and is a well-established infection path that aims for determination as well as control.

Security researchers from Palo Alto Network’s Unit 42 division have identified a new fraud out there and a Norton 360 protection scam. It was sent to potential victims and pretending to be Norton LifeLock, the email states that the message is protected by a password Word Document containing a secure personal message that needs macros to be turned on.

After the user has enabled macros and inputs the confirmation password that starts with the letters ‘C’ then the embedded macro is activated. Making use of Windows tools, such as CMD and MSIexec The infection causes installing NetSupport Manager, a legitimate remote control program.

Persistence can be achieved by saving the PowerShell script in the user’s %temp% directory and setting up the registry so that the script runs every time the system starts.

The implications of this technology are non-ending: access to corporate servers installing keyloggers, waiting for the appropriate combination of credentials that will allow the movement of laterals, monitoring the financial transaction, and so on.

The attack is personal and users should be educated via Security Awareness Training to be aware of the implications for the organization if an email turns out as a hacker attack consequently, adopt an alert mindset. Participants who undergo this security training to become aware are 87.5 percent less likely to fall victim to a phishing scam such as this.

Today, it’s Norton LifeLock. Tomorrow, it’ll be another brand that is impersonated. The trick is to prepare yourself for every attack and not only take a stand on this one.

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