In the last few months, the Indian real estate sector has seen a surge in demand. After a long period of low prices and low demand, 2021 was considered a turning point in the sector as people were ready to buy properties. The market had seen an increase in sales in the first half of 2021 but it has now slowed down due to overvaluation. This is mainly due to the rising prices of homes and apartments.

The current Indian real estate market in 2022 is booming, with a lot of property investors looking for the next big thing. One of the sectors you might want to keep an eye on is the development of townships, which are created as part of a massive urbanization project that includes Residential Plots in Lucknow, complexes, commercial areas, and other amenities like schools and hospitals.

However, this isn’t the only trend you’ll see in India’s real estate market over the next few years. Here are some of the other trends we’re seeing, and what they mean for your investment portfolio.

Commercial Real Estate

One sector we’re seeing a lot of growth in is the commercial real estate sector. The ongoing economic growth in India has led to increased demand for commercial spaces across major cities like Bangalore and Hyderabad. This has made it possible for companies to expand their offices into smaller cities like Kochi and Jaipur where there’s more demand than supply!

Rental Housing

In recent years there has been a boom in rental housing projects throughout India as more people move from rural areas into urban ones for work opportunities. This trend is likely due to an increase in income levels which make renting more affordable for families who cannot afford traditional mortgages because of their income level or lack thereof (see above).

Smart Homes

Smart homes are gaining popularity due to their convenience and ease of use. Smart devices allow you to control many aspects of your home including lights, heating systems, appliances, security systems and more with just one device like a smartphone or tablet computer. These devices can also be used as part of an alarm system as well as being able to monitor things like water usage throughout your property or even monitor pets while you’re away from home.

Technology and Real Estate – A match made in heaven

Technology has already started to transform several industries, including our very own real estate sector. Nowadays, prospective buyers can take virtual reality tours of properties they are interested in, before making any commitment. Real estate agents can use drones and 360-degree cameras to showcase their latest listings. More and more people are turning to websites like Zillow and Trulia when searching for their next home. This has led to a significant shift in how real estate is sold and bought today.

The use of innovative designs

The use of innovative materials is likely to increase in 2022. This is because many homeowners want to create a space that meets all their needs and if the house owner wants LDA plots in Lucknow they can go with a greenscape landscape. One of the ways they can do this is by using unique materials and designs.

Innovative designs also set a home apart from others in terms of visual appeal and functionality. They also add value to property by increasing its marketability and attracting more buyers.