Huawei Watch GT 3 from €157 chic, but hardly any innovations

Prices For The Huawei Watch GT 3 Begin At €157 (Initially)

Even before its release, the Huawei nbcsports/activate Watch GT 2 was a huge hit. To what extent do the Huawei Watch GT 3’s updated features and the HarmonyOS user interface help it win over consumers once more?

New smartphones (the Nova 9) and the follow-up to Huawei’s wildly successful Watch GT line were both unveiled by the company during an event held last week in Berlin and other places. Last year, we had recommended that people buy this. Huawei’s new Watch GT 3 comes in two sizes (42mm and 46mm), but it doesn’t improve much over the previous model. Currently, you can purchase one from for as little as €156.88.

Looks The Same, But The Crown Spins.

The overall appearance is identical to that of its predecessor. A round, intelligent watch is all it takes. The screen’s resolution has grown to 466×466 pixels, Flingster while the only other changes are lower side bezels. The procedure is performed with the standard wipe and touch movements.

The slightly improved resolution and very good representation of the display allow for easy scoring. Also, the automatic brightness adjustment works wonderfully both at night when lying in bed and during the day while sitting in the bright sunlight. The text is always easy to read.

Phones, Hardware, And Bluetooth

For use with a mobile device, the Huawei Health App from the Google Play Store is required, and the device connects to the phone through Bluetooth 5.2. In order to pair the newest watches, I sometimes need to install an update. The Huawei App Gallery app is essential for this purpose. In turn, this isn’t always available in the Play Store but can be obtained directly from Huawei.

After that, the Huawei Watch GT 3’s pairing should proceed without incident.

The specific CPU family has not been disclosed, however it is likely to be an Arm Cortex-M model. Additionally, it has 32 MB of RAM and 4 GB of storage space, so you can install a few apps or audio tracks.

The number of apps that can be downloaded at a later date is, however, manageable, and having the app on the smartphone is typically a need.

In The Long Run

However, the battery life is once again excellent because of the limited, intelligent features. Therefore, the 42mm with the built-in 292mAh battery may last for up to 7 days. As previous research has shown, using the system’s tracking features or the GPS too frequently will delay your arrival.

The bigger 46mm watch has a battery that may run 14 days without being charged thanks to its 455 mAh capacity. Once again, induction is used to recharge it. That charging mat is part of the package too.

Relaxed expectations should be met by the battery life. When compared to the Galaxy Watch 4, which lasted barely 1.5-2 days in our tests, the Huawei Watch GT 3’s battery life of 10-14 days is a welcome relief. Still, operational duration is context-dependent.