How to be a Successful Woman Leader?

I want to motivate you to show your female leadership, your inner strength and your immense ability to achieve results.

But before continuing, I want you to know that I do not intend for you to enter into a ‘new’ social scheme of strength, toughness and extreme (albeit false) positivism.

I love that you are here because it means that you want to dare more and that you are committed to doing so.

However, I want all development and growth that you aspire to come from your feminine essence.

I want you to decide how you want to be according to your own preference and definition of female leadership.

And this includes everything from being the woman with the sweet voice, perfect nails and size M dresses, to being the serious woman of few words, ambitious and passionate about music.

Whatever image of a female leader you want to achieve is fine as long as it’s yours.

But for starters, I want you to put away for a moment your definition of leadership based on your makeup levels or the wardrobe you invest in and focus solely on leadership from what you inspire others to bring to the world.

In this article, I present two situations where you can show your female leadership, the first is in office work and the second is at home as a household nucleus.

Show your female leadership in your work

Did you know that there are great leaders who are introverts?

For example Marissa Mayer (yahoo) and JK Rowling (Harry Potter) have been shown and defined as introverted women and that has not stopped their immense success and leadership.

This shows that a true leader does not always seek or need to be noticed because her performance, work and success become her true and most valuable letter of introduction.


What do you have to do to be an excellent leader in your work?

You have to guide, accompany and encourage those who work with you to best achieve the goal that has been set.

You must be a leader by example and see and take advantage of the strengths of your team.

And you must also isolate and detract from everything that limits or obstructs optimal development and concentration.

In your own way and showing your most essential characteristics, you can be an excellent leader leading your team to achieve maximum results within a long-term vision.

I share below 2 ideas to show your female leadership highlighting your essence and leadership skills.

  1. Ritual before leading a work meeting

I love the use of rituals as a tool to return to your essence and at the same time show your values ​​to those who work with you, so I invite you to do so.

You can perform your ritual individually and allow those collaborators who are truly focused on you to observe, or you can make a somewhat more public ritual and share your intention with them.

This ritual can be a characteristic phrase that you will always repeat when starting a meeting, it can be a breathing exercise, it can be a way of inviting people to the meeting or greeting the participants, etc.

The important thing is that for you this ritual means a strong and clear reminder that you are the leader, that you are in complete emotional balance, concentration and ability to make the best decisions for your team.

And since what is beautiful is contagious, your collaborators will see and also feel how you connect with that leader in you and will also focus her focus on the best attitude to achieve the best results. And this is what the Woman to Woman organization UAE is working on. 

Of course, the key is to always do it, to be constant and consistent.

You have the essence and the ability, so you can show your female leadership with absolute certainty that you can do it well.

  1. A leader listens and responds constructively to others

Excellent communication skills are characteristics of a great leader and this implies knowing how to listen and knowing how to communicate in a way that maximizes the long-term results of your team.

Listen giving others the opportunity to present ideas, opinions and perspectives and ask more to guide them to develop their contributions in depth.

Listen broadly by first understanding what exactly your team is saying and second by further expanding the use of those interventions.

And also listen by setting limits in those situations in which you see that the objective is lost, that they get stuck in unhelpful details or when it negatively affects the development of the team.

Communicate by always thinking about the goal you want to achieve as an individual leader and also as a team. Your form of expression is unique and will be valued to the extent that you have been able to show your female leadership.

Communicate from the broad, from the macro, from the constructive and emphasizes only those details that are effectively important to achieve future goals.