How can I edit photos to sell online?

Professional photography is a highly creative and challenging job even today. But in today’s world, it has a lot of value. If you are a good photographer, you have ample opportunities to sell your photos on the internet and with great value.

But the amount you wish to earn depends highly on your skillset of displaying the pictures according to industry standards. Thus, photo editing skills such as e-commerce photo editing can take you higher and further in this aspect.

So, here’s a quick guide on how you can edit photos to sell online.

Things You Need to Know About Selling Photos Online

Before we jump into the editing tips and tricks, you need to know a few things about selling photos on the internet. 

Firstly, there are certain standards that you will need to follow. If you follow the criteria, the web pages will approve your picture to be uploaded and available for people to buy.

We live in a highly competitive digital world. Thus, you will find numerous photographers competing for almost similar categories of pictures. You need to invest certain standards, uniqueness, and effort in your pictures to make them stand out. And the best way to do that is by showcasing your photography and editing skills through your pictures.

Finally, remember that once you sell your photos, you give the buyer a certain amount of copyright. This means that the buyer can use your photos for personal purposes. As a result, you must ensure you get the right value for your hard work and time.


4 Tips to Edit Photos to Sell Online

Now, we will look into some tricks you can follow to edit your photos before selling them online. Here are 4 fascinating ones that can take you a long way.

Put the primary focus on resolution, aspect ratio, and cropping of every picture

The resolution of your image will probably be the first aspect that will attract customers. It will also showcase your level of professionalism and the beauty of your photos. 

So, ensure that you have the right Pixels Per Inch (PPI) for potential customers. This means that the photos should load fast enough for any electronic device.

You can use your editor to resize images appropriately to fit any size of your smartphone or computer. If you crop your picture, make sure the resolution remains high. And always upload JPG formats as they are more adaptive to different websites.

Finally, crop unnecessary objects in the picture to keep the photo clean. And once you are done, keep the aspect ratio and thumbnails balanced.

Work with the background and coloring of the image

Unnecessary objects in the background can take everything away from your pictures. Online buyers mostly want clean images. So, if you have unnecessary backgrounds in your photos, remove them as cleanly as possible.

After that, focus on the coloring of the image. It is always wise to show the natural color of the picture. In addition, you can tweak the saturation, brightness, highlights, and shadows as necessary as possible to bring out the image more. 

Remember that vibrancy can bring out the emotion of the picture through viewers’ eyes. So, proper color editing is vital.

Put effort into composition, context, and consistency

Different websites might have specific requirements. For instance, a travel website may only allow you to upload and sell travel pictures. When selling such pictures, you must also resonate with the demographic groups of your buyer.

As a result, it is important to keep the context in mind. You cannot just post and try to sell a wildlife photo on a travel website. This also means that the editing consistency should follow your picture context. The editing measurements for a picture of a rare bird and the picture of the Eiffel Tower should be different.

Make use of free resources

One of the most common photo editing software is Photoshop. You can do wonders with the application. That’s why most professional photographers use this software.

However, all the features of photoshop are not free. You will need to buy the software to use all of its tools to edit your photos. So, it’s important to be smart and use free online resources.


Taking, editing, and selling photos is a highly creative job that can take a lot of your time and effort. So, the outcome you receive should be high as well. If you are passionate about photography, you should be able to make money from your photos.

There are plenty of online platforms today, so you have higher opportunities to sell your photos. You only need to follow the tips and tricks of editing photos to sell online. In the end, you will start making money in no time.

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