Comparison Between IT Staff Augmentation and Managed IT Services

The current digital transformation is tough in terms of demands that organizations need to meet. More companies are searching for IT Outsourcing Services. Finding and hiring in-house IT staff can be time consuming and can be costly and challenging too. Inconvenient for a limited time period. There are two IT outsource models that are Staff Augmentation Service and Managed IT Service.


These two Outsource models are widely accepted by Custom Software Development Companies worldwide. Both the models are strong alternatives to making the full-time hires in house, but the IT outsourcing models depend on the scale and type of your project. But don’t worry, a perfect approach to the issue and a clearly defined understanding of the difference between the models will help you to choose an optimal solution.

In this article We’ll discuss IT Staff Augmentation Services and Managed IT Services and will shed light on which suits your project the best.

Things about IT Staff Augmentation Services

Staff augmentation is an outsourcing strategy used to manage a project and achieve business goals. The technique includes the assessment of the existing employees and the identification of additional skills. One possible advantage of this approach is that existing resources can be leveraged and outsourced services and contract workers used.


Contracting narrowly focused professionals from a service provider to supplement your in-house workforce is known as staff augmentation. So, here are the benefits you should know:

  • Cost-adequacy. Why pay for all-day compensation when you don’t need extra workers indefinitely? With IT staff Augmentation you will be supported by highly qualified specialists at precisely the time when your company requires them.
  • Adaptivity. You may easily get missing capabilities and expand your IT Team size as needed depending on the work scope.


The bottom line is, you get significant expense lasting assets. Indeed, they may be of top notch quality, yet you need the outcome. By using IT Staff Augmentation Services, the client organization is completely at risk for the framework, the board cycle and quality affirmation, so the outcome is likewise the organization’s duty.

Things about Managed IT Services

Managed IT Services are an outsourcing practice in order to preserve and anticipate a variety of processes and tasks to improve operations and reduce cost. It is an alternative to the on-demand or break-out model, when the service provider performs on-demand assistance and charges the client only for the actions carried out.


Managed service model is the service complex that involves external control of the non-core systems of an enterprise. It acquires all the advantages of flexibility and access to skills from increasing employees while overcoming their principal disadvantages. Managed service model is the service complex that involves external control of the non-core structures of an enterprise.


  • Cost model has been improved. The result is evaluated by overseen IT administrations merchants. This means that if a client’s interest in specific administrations decreases or increases, the cost will alter accordingly.
  • The result is guaranteed. A Service Level Agreement (SLA) supports the operational efficiency, which documents the scope and the time limits of the service. Providers try to fulfil their commitments and are therefore encouraged to maximise their work’s value.


As a result, the Managed IT Service model enables you to focus on the core enterprise and shift IT Support Services to a skilled and results-oriented IT Outsourcing Company.



The choice between two re-appropriating models should be made based on a detailed cost-benefit analysis. Staff augmentation is a viable option if your firm needs specific services that are not readily available within your own IT office at a specific moment. However, if you’re seeking for a consistent working model with a predictable cost model, flexibility on demand, and fewer delivery risks, choose overseen IT administrations.


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