5 Mistakes to Avoid While Doing Online NEET Preparation

Students who attempt the NEET dream of qualifying for the examination in the first attempt. They also work hard for making their dreams a reality. However, not everybody succeeds when the results are declared. Those left behind wonder where they had weakened.

The problem is not always the promise or dedication of an individual, sometimes it is some silly faults made during the preparation phase that change the outcome. A candidate should know common mistakes during online NEET preparation so that they can avoid those. Below, I’m going to share some common mistakes that can bring the score down.

1. Disregarding NCERT

NEET preparation and NCERT books are inseparable. They must go together if someone wants to score good marks in NEET. Overlooking NCERT books and concentrating only on the reference material is one common fault that several NEET candidates make. NCERT must constantly be the first book that you should refer to for any topic.

2. Depending on Mock Tests and Avoiding Analysis

There are many candidates that think taking mock tests is more beneficial than reading textbooks for NEET preparation. Generally, they should focus on solving NEET mock tests with very little time actually reading the devaluing nuances of a chapter.

It benefits in the beginning when the difficulty level of the question is low. As the preparation reaches a progressive stage, they find it challenging to attempt the questions which need a detailed understanding of the topic.

3. Shifting From One Book to Another

The minute students decide to prepare for NEET, they end up searching for the books that people refer to for NEET preparation. Many candidates end up purchasing two or more reference books for a subject, apart from NCERT books. These books for NEET preparation generally sit on the tables until exam day.

An additional common problem is shifting from one book to another, without finishing a chapter from either of them which leads to misperception. To circumvent both these problems during the advanced phases of NEET preparation, students should start with purchasing only one reference book that they aim to use. They should complete the NCERT books first and then finish the reference book.

4. Trying To Mug Up the Answers

Although solving the mock tests and previous years’ NEET question papers, candidates may come across several questions that they were incapable to attempt. However, mugging up the answers for the biology segment may be helpful occasionally, but doing the similar for the Physics and Chemistry section generally seems futile.

The method for such questions must not be stuffing all the answers, but reworking the ideas. They should first Recognize the weak chapters or topics and then revise them methodically before taking the next mock test.

5. Not Taking Breaks and Making No Time for Your Hobbies

Spending time with family and friends supports and relieves stress throughout the preparation stage. A similar applies to your hobbies. But several students stop relating with their friends and devote little or no time to their families while preparing for NEET.

Furthermore, the current condition of uncertainty can cause anxiety and stress but candidates must not get bogged down with news, deliberations, and debates on the impending NEET timetable and application procedure. Remain engrossed in preparation and relax from time to time to preserve composure and steadiness.

These are some common mistakes that every candidate should avoid during NEET preparation. You can find one of the best learning platforms for NEET preparation and online JEE preparation.