Why Gugu boat is the best for events celebration in Dubai?

Many times, are very special to us. These times can either be towards the personal side such as weddings, birthdays, or anniversaries or can be towards the professional side including corporate events, product launch as well as business parties.  Whatever it is, we all desire for it to be super special. These days mean a lot to us and we are super regarding where we host them. Although Dubai, the city of gold offers multiple places to host such events, most of them are very common and a popular. However, hosting your event in Dubai with yacht Hire Dubai is a unique place. it is fascinating to know that yachting in Dubai is not only a symbol of comfort and luxury, but it is amidst the sparkling water too. The soothing breeze alleviates your mood. In the night, you admire the beauty of this illuminated city and take in the beautiful sights of the iconic landmarks and luxurious buildings from the Persian Gulf.

About GuGu Boat

In Dubai Gugu boat is an absolute stunner. With a perfect blend of modern and vintage look, GuGu boat Dubai is an ideal choice for all your casual events. This luxury yacht charter has more of a chill vibe. It is fascinating to know that the GuGu boat cruise Dubai is open air featuring ultra-luxurious features. The boat also includes a dance floor as well as an outdoor bar. This 90 ft boat can easily accommodate up to 90 guests making it ideal for hosting private parties.

What to expect

At least 3 to 4 hours of cruising is recommended on GuGu boat. Cruise along Dubai’s coastal waters and see the gorgeous landmarks, makes it an ideal choice for get togethers. A Dubai houseboat rental is ideal if you’re traveling with a bunch of people, because offers all the comfort of home as well as adventure on the high seas.


From lighting to decoration, get an atmosphere getting you in the perfect mood.


A vast area for a grand buffet set up—best for a birthday parties on yacht.


Let a skilled DJ with a high-end audio system knock out with melodious music.

Dance Floor

A large dance floor accommodates all your guests.


A professional bar complementing fine beverage service.

Skipper and Crew

Enjoy your parties with professional skippers and crew.


There is separate bathroom facility for both men and women including all amenities.


  • Dubai Marina
  • Bluewater Island
  • One & Only the Palm
  • Jumeriah Beach Residence
  • Zabeel Saray
  • Palm Jumeirah
  • Atlantis Hotel
  • Burj Al Arab
  • Jumeirah Beach Hotel
  • World Islands
  • Excellent Customer Service

Apart from the significant perks of having a private boat to tour Dubai, select from a variety of services. Depending on the type of experience you want, you may go for something low-key as well as go all out with something massive. However, GuGu boat Dubai offers excellent customer service to all guest making it an ideal choice for events. Enjoy a scrumptious buffet on board including a full BBQ, tradition, and international dishes with a DJ.

  • Best Way to See Dubai

Yacht rental Dubai allows you explore the city in one of the best ways. See this enchanting city from the water and admire the beautiful places globally. Dubai is an ideal vacation hotspot for visitors. However, when you’re there for a short-run trip, you must experience a yacht ride beside sandy beaches, mosques, culture-rich walks, and sky diving. Yachting in the middle of the sea offers the most enchanting view of everything.

  • A Relaxing Ride

Sailing on GuGu boat Dubai is an amazing experience. The tranquility of sailing increases peace to a restless body as well as taking some time off from the busiest life amount to much-needed quality time. Going out on a luxury yacht charter is very helpful in strengthening the relationship you experience with your closed ones.

  • Celebrating your special occasions

If you want to create a powerful impression, it is definitely going to fascinate you. Hosting a lavish event/ party on yacht in Dubai is creates a positive and lasting impression on your guests. For example, a birthday is one of the special and auspicious occasions of your life.  Celebrated this day in such a way that guests will preserve the memories for years. The trend of yacht birthday parties is popping out day by day. Moreover, it’s also a great way to give your loved ones a surprise and to collect unforgettable memories.

Get a lifetime trip to Dubai’s coastline and deep sea by chartering professional yacht rental services in Dubai with all luxury amenities. There is no end to the fun in Dubai. A reliable yacht charter agency really cares for its customers. They have amazing plans to cheer you and help you onboard.