Tips On How to Finalize Wedding Venue Hire

Everyone dreams and plans for a perfect wedding, with all decorations, food, photography, dress, make-up, and everything right as planned. However, this could land nowhere if you fail to find the perfect venue for your wedding. People have different preferences about the wedding venue.

Wedding Venue Hire

The fascination for a unique venue is accelerating, with people choosing innovative locations and unique wedding themes to make the day all special and memorable. While many look for community halls, others might prefer gardens, beachside, outdoor destinations, etc.

Steps to follow for the wedding venue hire:

To get your wedding venue hire process as per plan, you need to follow a strategic movement of wedding planning.

Start Your Search Early:

Looking for a beach resort, lakeside bungalow, or eloquent garden venue? To get to your desired destination, you must book the venue first. During the peak season, you might not get the desired location, so you must search and go ahead with wedding venue hire.

Since most people these days want to plan their wedding uniquely, they look for offbeat, attractive, and exclusive venues and make sure they book them fast, as they need to plan for decorations, set up, etc. Besides, when you speak with your wedding coordinator about your plans or desire for a venue, they will immediately start choosing different picks. Make sure you:

  • You have more than 6 to 7 months in hand before the wedding to pick and finalize a venue.
  • Choose multiple locations and analyse the scopes and advantages as well as disadvantages of each location.
  • Personally, visit every location before finalizing anyone.
  • Ensure you are certain about your guest count, food, mocktail, and bar counter requirements to ensure the venue offers enough space for all your plans.

Be Innovative:

Thinking out of the box is something that can make your wedding day special when it comes to wedding venue hire. For example, if you have always thought a beach wedding is the most exotic one, but if you get a lovely farmhouse in the middle of a vineyard with a lake by the side or so completely different, do not neglect to at least consider it. Ask your wedding planner about plans and ideas of how the venue can be turned into something like a dream. However, while picking any venue, a few things which must be considered include:

  • Space
  • Entry and exit points of the location
  • Availability of essentials to organize the party
  • Transport facility
  • Parking area
  • Accessibility

Budget Frame:

Well, not only space, guest count, or plans, but one of the primary factors behind picking any venue for your wedding is budget. Different venues have different budgets. While planning for a wedding, you must segregate your budget into different categories: venue, food, decorations, guest management, dress, styling, etc.

Therefore, make sure you have a budget line fixed for everything as well as your venue and that you know how much you can extend that line if required. Now again, different venues have different rental or hiring plans. Many venues offer a complete package with amenities required, others charge separately for each amenity, and the customer can hire the service as per requirement. Some of these amenities include:

  • Chairs and tables
  • Music system
  • Lights for décor
  • Power backup
  • AC
Wedding Venue Hire

Wrapping it up !

Now, as per requirement, either you can pick the amenities and pay accordingly, or if the venue owner offers a complete package, you need to pay for that. However, while finalizing your wedding venue hire, do not hesitate to negotiate and ask for any discount if possible.

Weddings are planned during seasons or rush; when many occasions are in the pipeline, there is less scope for getting a rebate. But, make sure to start your search early and move as per a plan to get the desired venue.