The cure to HPV: AHCC Supplements

High-risk HPV carriers worry about developing cancer but lack knowledge on how to stop it. Doctors can only provide recommendations to reduce stress, eat a healthy diet, and get enough sleep to support the immune system. Survivors of HPV cancers frequently express their intense concern that their HPV may cause cancer once more in support groups. Therefore, research on a supplement that boosts the immune system’s capacity to clear persistent HPV infections is vitally essential for people with high-risk HPV. For those of us with high-risk HPV, this recent phase II study’s finding that AHCC is 58 per cent effective at curing persistent HPV infections gives us hope.

An HPV infection is considered persistent if it persists for more than two years. The longer an infection is active, the higher the risk of developing abnormal cancer cells. If their immune system is robust, the majority of people spontaneously recover from HPV infections after two years, but not everyone has a strong immune system. Age, stress, inadequate sleep, and poor diet can weaken the immune system. Infections caused by HPV that are chronic and continue longer than two years affect about 10% of those who have them. It is crucial to investigate these cases since persistent high-risk HPV infections have the highest chance of developing cancer.

For persistent HPV infections, there is no systemic therapy available as of yet. Cryotherapy, surgical excision, the loop electrosurgical excisional method (LEEP), or cold knife conisation are some of the current treatment options that rely on early diagnosis in vaginal PAP smears. Patients typically experience recurring lesions despite the excellent response rate of these therapy (80%). A medical approach for diagnosing and treating HPV infections in other regions of the body, like the anus, has not yet been established. For instance, the Anchor Study has demonstrated that HPV testing and treating precancerous cells can reduce the risk of anal cancer. However, this kind of screening is still in its infancy and is only accessible in a few places. Therefore, stopping these cell modifications before they start would be preferable. There is hope that cancer can be stopped from developing as a result of persistent HPV infections, according to this phase II study using AHCC supplements. You can read AHCC HPV reviews to know more about it.

The AHCCs Promise

An exclusive, standardised extract of lentinula edodes mycelia grown in culture makes up the AHCC supplement, which has been found to offer special immune-modulating advantages. Numerous investigations on both animals and humans have found a wide range of therapeutic outcomes, such as improved antioxidant effects, anticancer activity, and immune system modification to stop the spread of bacterial and viral diseases. According to this recent clinical experiment, AHCC may also aid in the immune system’s ability to eliminate ongoing HPV infections.

In the first two pilot experiments, AHCC showed promise. In one trial of women with persistent HPV infections, between 3 and 6 months after beginning a daily dose of 3g of AHCC on an empty stomach, 4 of the eight women who were still in the research (50 per cent) had their persistent HPV infection cured.

A comparable response rate was seen in the second pilot research, where women received 1g of AHCC daily on an empty stomach. After seven months of supplementation, 4 out of 9 participants (or 44 per cent) confirmed that they were free of high-risk HPV persistent infections. These pilot findings gave us the justification we needed to proceed with a phase II AHCC study to eradicate persistent HPV infections. 

Phase II Study 

This phase II randomised, double-blind, placebo-controlled study was carried out by Judith Smith, a member of our medical advisory board, and included a post-unblinded study. The University of Texas Health Sciences Center Institutional Review Board examined and authorised this trial. The aim of the study was to evaluate the efficacy, durability, and safety of AHCC supplementation for supporting the host immune system to eliminate high-risk HPV infections over a period of six months. 

Findings of the Study

The findings of this phase II study showed that AHCC 3g administered once daily on an empty stomach supported the host immune system’s ability to eliminate persistent HPV infections and was well tolerated with no severe side effects identified. 

AHCC is Special

It’s critical to differentiate AHCC from other therapeutic mushrooms. Only the AHCC medicinal mushroom has been clinically shown to aid in the elimination of HPV. Due to the fact that it has been precisely created and processed to enhance its immune-boosting potential, it cannot be used interchangeably with other therapeutic mushrooms.

So, if you think you want to give it a try, we recommend you search thoroughly for the best AHCC supplement in town. With the help of a little research, we are sure that you will be able to find the best quality products for your treatment. So, without wasting any more time, start searching today!