Questions For You To Ask Before Appointing a Face Painter In Indianapolis

If you have been looking for an interesting mode of entertainment for an upcoming kids’ party, appointing a face painter can do an amazing job. For those who are not aware, a face painting artist is someone who can paint faces with good quality colors. These face paintings can be small creatures or something you love. If you think your kids will love something like this, then it’s the best party entertainment for all! 

Before you appoint someone for Indianapolis face painting, we want to help you with some important questions you must ask the artist.

Do You Have a Liability Insurance Policy?

A performer should have liability insurance, just like every other business. This is both for your peace of mind and to cover any mishaps. In addition to protecting their belongings in case they are destroyed, not having them is a huge red flag. Generally speaking, all sizable venues want insurance. Therefore, if the face painter you want to hire lacks it, they have generally not held many tasks. This is a quick and simple approach to assess their level of professionalism and will reveal how many events they have worked on.

What are the Products That You Use?

It has been observed that some so-called face painters use acrylic paints during gatherings, which contain a variety of chemicals that have been linked to chemical burns in youngsters. You should also protect your kids!

Any competent face painter will possess special paints. It’s actually more like makeup than paint when it comes to the paints that pros use to paint faces.

Your artist is using hypoallergenic paints that are much safer for the kids than using makeup grade paints. The cost is slightly increased by these more expensive paints, but in our opinion, the added expense is entirely justified by the increased guest safety!

How Many Kids Can You Manage to Paint in an Hour?

This can vary significantly depending on the designs that local face-painters can accomplish, the age of the kids, and what services they offer. A skilled painter should be able to complete at least 10-15 full faces in an hour. As younger, more energetic kids frequently take longer to choose a design, it can take longer if they are 3–4 years old compared to 9–10 years old.

Calculate How Many They Can Paint in an Hour

Two minutes per face for 30 youngsters in one hour. It is up to the youngster to decide on a design, select a color, climb into and out of the face painter’s chair, and engage in any amusing back-and-forth conversation. If they don’t pull out the paint roller, the painter won’t have much time to do the design and clean the brushes. 

Is There any Person You Want to Avoid Painting at the Event?

The entire event should be enjoyable for the child. As a result, we forbid our face painters at parties from painting kids who are being forced into the chair by their parents against their will.

Additionally, we don’t paint kids under the age of 3. We never paint kids while they’re asleep because waking up to a strange look in the mirror can be really upsetting for them. In addition to all of these, we forbid painting any sick children since we do not want to encourage the spread of any illness or disease. 

It is Not Always a Good Idea to Paint Things Just Because 

They have already been painted. Although there are some unqualified painters out there who will do anything for a few dollars, we do not represent them. We always want to keep a safe and professional entertainment practice. We try our best to paint what we can when a youngster is extremely clumsy, but it’s possible that they won’t be able to remain still for long enough to achieve a particularly elaborate pattern.

What are the Hygiene Methods You Utilize?

That part about the spit activating the paint is based on a real event that one of our face painters saw happen! It’s gross, I KNOW! It’s critical to practice good hygiene, which only a professional typically does, in order to give your child the finest experience possible and prevent warts from appearing where the tiger paint formerly was. Remember the difference between water that has been tainted with paint and water that has been used all day by a painter. Water may appear nasty as soon as paint hits it, yet it may not actually be as dirty. Similar to how face paint pigments can stain sponges that we wash in the washing machine, they are washed and disinfected afterward.

All these questions are very important when you are dedicated to hiring the best service provider in Indiana Polis. So, without wasting any time, start your research today and make your effort worth it!