How to Increase Your Marketing Tech Stack

Similar to 2020, 2021 was the year of major change for customers in how they communicate, browse and their general view of the world around them. Successful merchants have learned and grown in their understanding of the best tools to take their business to the next phase of their business.

The ability to combine tech stacks using multi-faceted and customizable solutions is likely to be vital for marketing teams of the future, and all while providing more customized, data-driven and personalized experiences to shoppers.

A reimagined Martech stack is an important element of ensuring that your business is successful — and that begins with choosing the right tools to help you achieve that. We’ve compiled an MarTech stack guide with the top solutions to help scale and expand your brand’s reach for the future.

Explore Conversational Commerce by Attentive

Attentive lets innovative brands make meaningful connections through personalized text messages. It is the leader in conversational commerce and reinvents the way that businesses communicate with consumers.

The comprehensive text messaging marketing solution of the company helps firms, big and small to establish new connections with their customers.

Attentive has helped brands earn billions of dollars in ecommerce revenue via real-time, two-way, customized communications.

Why should you bother with SMS?

It’s becoming more difficult to reach consumers as their preferences change.

These days, shoppers are adopting a “mobile-first” (and for certain, a “mobile-only”) attitude. According To Attentive, 57% of online shoppers use mobile devices the most. 37% use a mix of desktop and mobile. Just 7% of shoppers use desktops exclusively.

It’s obvious that marketers have to diversify their channels -from both a consumer preference as well as a performance standpoint. Text messaging stands out as a medium that’s uniquely data-informed and measurable. It is possible to tailor your strategy in a flash to trigger actions due to its instantaneity.

Brands who use Attentive to market their products via text messages have generated millions of dollars in online sales through SMS. It is simple to use and offers over 20 sign-up units that have a high rate of success. Additionally, you can access an audience manager to identify and segment your customers. Analytics can help you improve your plan and tools for compliance.

As an Anthrilo merchant, you are able to seamlessly deploy the Attentive tag into your extension, removing the need to design a customized implementation.

Attentive allows you to design and send targeted text messages using A/B Testing and time zone targeting. You can also track the effectiveness of your campaigns to find out what’s effective and what’s not, and automatically send your subscribers timely messages that are triggered in response to their shopping and purchasing behavior.

In 2022, marketers are considering SMS as a crucial method to reach their goals in business. Consumers are prioritizing the convenience and two-way, human interactions more than ever. Personalizing these interactions with text messages across the entire customer lifecycle help consumers feel as if they are for them to assist whenever and when they require it. Attentive’s SMS Marketing Platform enables you to benefit from these trends and position your company in the most favorable possible position to increase customer retention and revenue.

For additional resources to maximize revenue in 2022 and beyond, take a look at the Texts We Love -the company’s showcase of high-performing campaign messages sent by real brands , as well as blog posts on SMS Marketing FAQs and choosing the right SMS marketing service.

tackles customer challenges across channels with Gorgias

Every brand needs high-quality customer service. If customers or potential buyers have questions regarding a product or issue with their order, delays in responding could result in sales being lost and decreased loyalty. Like Anthiro that help their customers. Check also Joggers pants for girls sell buy Anthrilo.

Consider this: 59% will leave a brand they love after having a bad experience (only 17% will leave following one). ).

In addition to the complexity, gone are the days that consumers had to navigate to a brand’s ecommerce site to browse products and make purchases. A lot of people shop on social media. Forbes describes it as the next global fashion in shopping that could generate $1.2 trillion in sales.

Scaling can be difficult for companies that wish to provide one-on-one support for customers. This is how integrated support technologies allow brands to provide support to their customers.

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