Hoodoo Psychics Miss Elvyra

Miss Elvyra

I’m an alumnus and individual understudy of Catherine Yronwode’s hoodoo rootwork program and right now am utilized at the Lucky Mojo Curio Company in Forestville, California as a Reader and Rootworker. Furthermore, I have prepared with two genetic Wiccan priestesses, a customary navigational Kahuna, and a few fantastic particular educators over the last 22 years. I have strolled numerous ways to achieve information, with more than forty years of experience in tarot card perusing, crystal gazing, numerology, summon doctoring and spell projecting, qabala, geomancy, feng shui, bone perusing, hypnotherapy, innovative representation, Reichian breath work, Reiki energy work, Amanae bodywork, and Hawaiian navigational energy work.

Miss Elvyra offers to sustain and backing to clients through life emergencies and troublesome changes, through artistic expressions of tuning in, seeing, and profound tutoring. The most genuine assistance one with canning provides for another is to be really present through their life changes. My specialty is working with life changes through petition, candle administrations, co-made spell-projecting (otherwise called double projecting), schooling, and integrative energy work in light of antiquated standards and methods that supplement present-day medical services, persuasive and execution upgrades, and individual and otherworldly investigation.

My underlying foundations are Keltic and Mediterranean. My experience in conventional schooling is a B.A. in showing with a brain research minor from the University of Southern California. I’m an authorized reverend with a Ph.D. in Cross-Cultural Theology. I have been introduced at a few worldwide anthropological gatherings as well as chipping in as a partner educator at Sonoma State University on courses as different as folklore, the Goddess, and mazes, and laying out a province on Mars.

Notwithstanding the typical kind of spell-projecting that others offer – – projecting spells for your benefit – – I am a shamanic educator. As a profound tutor, I am ready to direct you through the course of synchronous spell-projecting, a way of working otherwise called “double projecting” or “backing up the work.” In this type of summoning practice, Psychic Elcyra will play out a spell for your sake in my own raised area while showing you, through meeting and remedy of otherworldly supplies, to project your own strong spell for a similar condition in your own home-raised area. Together we will open the way for you to arrive at your objectives.

The force of soul moves through me, gracing craftsmanship, gems, and composing. Shamanic fine art comes from the catalytic flames that cycle out the debasements, shape-moving itself into illuminative magnificence. The masques and gems I make have a daily existence and soul power of their own. However, an image of the real world, an outward structure, these pieces address what one has inside – – a stunner both otherworldly and physical. I have been working in the class of shamanic fine art for north of a decade. For my masques, I use things found in nature as well as reused materials that finish in these blended media pieces, breathing new life, significance, and reason into in any case disposed of articles. My work of art and adornments have been appointed by clients both here in the United States and abroad. Commission fine art goes from single parts to series.