6 Best steps to Plan a trip to Bristol



Bristol is known for the plenty of things that you need to know about visiting Bristol. For instance, the city has artsy, characterful, and exciting places where you can spend an entire day. 

Drive to Bristol from Oxford to see the number of places to explore and things to do. This blog will help you in discovering places with this itinerary and top recommendations with allegiant airlines Ticket .

  • Learn about Bristol’s maritime history at Brunel’s SS Great Britain

For first-time visitors to Bristol, they must not miss Brunel’s SS Great Britain. This attraction in the town is one of the city’s most popular tourist attractions. Being designed by Brunel, this remains one of the most iconic ships in the world. This building is famous for its innovative design as well as for being the longest passenger ship in the world during the 19th century.

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  • Wander around the Old City

People who are feeling peckish by now must head to the Old City. here, you can find plenty of eateries to choose from. Explore for a light bite on the go, also check out the Glass Arcade at St Nicholas Markets. The popular St Nicholas is the oldest market in Bristol. At this site, you can find independent cafes, top-quality street food, and fresh-baked pies.

  • Take a Pirate Walks tour

One of the finest places is the Bristol Pirate Walks which are short guided tours. These tours will take you to some of Bristol’s oldest neighbourhoods. In addition, you will learn about Bristol’s early history in the 16th, 17th, and 18th centuries. During these years, slavery, maritime trading, and piracy were part of daily life. 

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4.Hang out on King Street

Some some enchanting things you can locate on King Street. Visit this fascinating, historic part of Bristol dating to the 17th century where the old sailing barges docked after their journeys from South Wales. However, the area is now the heart of Bristol’s theater district. Here, you can find numerous bars and restaurants too. 

5.Daytrip to Bath

Those who love to bath in rivers must visit the ancient Roman baths that are just a quick train ride away. The Romans in the past used this area as their spa retreat up until the 5th century. Adore the baths, cathedrals, or Jane Austen’s home. Here, the Bath is an easy and enjoyable day trip from Bristol. There are Trains from Bristol to Bath that run all day which is just a 16-minute ride for 8.40 GBP.

6.Explore the Wookey Hole Caves

Looking for some thrilling experience, then visit the unique geological area. This area consists of a series of limestone caves formed by an underground river. Here, you can get another short-day trip from Bristol. This site takes a 35-minute tour, where you can also stop at the historical museum. in addition, view artifacts that archaeologists have uncovered in the caves. Also, go on a boat ride through the murky cave waters and learn about spelunking. 

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