5 Ways to Motivate Your Kids to Go on an Adventure With Your Family

Outdoor adventure is not limited to hard-core sports or expensive international travel. But you need to be able to motivate your children to participate, even when they get tired of the same old activities. It is a good sign when your kids are motivated to want more adventure! Then, you’re doing your job. Here are some ways to motivate your children to go on an adventure with your family:

Exodus family holidays

If you’re looking for Q Family Adventures holidays, you may have heard of Exodus. Exodus is an eco-friendly adventure tour company that offers more than 500 itineraries in 90 countries. Founded in 1974, Exodus aims to provide accessible adventures on inaccessible terrains with highly knowledgeable and experienced sports instructors. Exodus offers trips in a variety of destinations, including Africa, Asia, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

When it comes to accommodation, Exodus favours comfortable and affordable guesthouses, which can be a little rough around the edges but offer a genuine taste of local life. And because each of the guides on Exodus holidays is passionate about the destinations they visit, you’ll enjoy interacting with them, rather than just a guidebook. In addition to the excellent facilities, Exodus’ guides also know the local languages and customs, so you’ll learn more about the culture of the place you’re visiting.

If for some reason you cannot travel, you can cancel your booking. Exodus family holidays will allow you to transfer your money to another tour without incurring cancellation fees. If you cancel your trip more than 21 days before departure, you can transfer your deposit or full payment to a future tour. TourHub also does not charge cancellation fees. However, Exodus charges up to 100% of the deposit or full cost if you cancel less than 42 days before the tour starts. TourHub places all your payments in an externally-regulated Trust account. This ensures that your money is safe until you arrive at your destination.


Exodus recommends travelling to Namibia during the month of March as this is the end of the rainy season, and is the time when the crowds are at their lowest. Similarly, Mexico is best visited in November or December before the snowbird season arrives. And as you can see, there’s plenty to do in Mexico during the winter! If you’re looking for a family holiday with children, Exodus has something for everyone!

UnCruise Adventures

With itineraries ranging from Alaska’s Inside Passage to the Pacific Northwest’s Columbia River, to the Baja cruises in Mexico’s Sea of Cortes, UnCruise Adventures has something for every traveler. The crew members are highly educated and committed to the sea, and are dedicated to offering the best experiences to their passengers. The experience is geared towards the family and focuses on enhancing the overall travel experience.

Small ship cruising is the specialty of UnCruise Adventures. The small ships and crew are dedicated to creating an unforgettable experience for their guests. There are also special guests on some sailing adventures, such as U.S. Forest Service wilderness rangers who kayak up to the boats and speak about the natural history of the area. In addition, the company’s wine themed departures make it the perfect getaway for a special occasion.

The crew of UnCruise Adventures is very friendly and approachable. With just 22 to 90 passengers, there’s no need to worry about crowds and long lines at the buffet. Guests are treated like family, and are accompanied by the same captain and crew on every cruise. The crew members also know the names and preferences of each guest. Whether you’re traveling with your family or with a group of friends, you’ll have an incredible experience on UnCruise.


As part of the ship’s itinerary, the UnCruise Alaska cruise is fully inclusive of all activities, including food and adult beverages. The vessels are equipped with kayaks, paddle boards, and skiffs, along with hot tubs and other adventure amenities. There’s something for everyone onboard, from the youngest traveler to the most experienced traveler. And because the experience is geared toward families with children, UnCruise Adventures is a great choice for an adventure family vacation.

Swiss Family Robinson

The series follows the adventure of the Robinson family. They live on a remote Swiss island where the weather is harsh, but the family is resilient and survives by using the knowledge and skills of their companions. The adventure story is centered around the family’s four children, each with their own unique talents. The narrator, Pastor, is one of the oldest children and is extremely self-sufficient. The family has three other children, Jack, Franz, and Nip.

The book “The New Swiss Family Robinson” was written by Owen Wister in 1882, and is based on the original novel by Johann David Wyss. The family survives for ten years on their island, and in the process, they make some rather ingenious inventions. They even build an incredible treehouse, outdoing the castaways on Gilligan’s Island. As they attempt to make their way to land, they face pirates, wild animals, and other challenges.

As an added bonus, the film is a great introduction to old movies for kids. The island’s beautiful scenery and smart sets make for a beautiful film. While adults might wince at the stilted performances, kids won’t care. The animals are amazing and may keep the kids interested, though the tigers and snake are frightening to younger viewers. There is also violence against pirates that could be upsetting to younger viewers.

The Robinson family’s survival depends on finding warmer accommodations for themselves. Their sons are naturally adventurous, but their mother and father aren’t as well-adventurous. As they explore the surrounding area, the Robinson family builds a bridge across a stream, arms themselves with ship’s stores, and hunts for food. They also learn about the island’s plants and animals, and practice regular prayer.


This classic children’s book follows the adventures of Mowgli, a human boy raised by wolves in the jungle. He learns the harsh jungle rules from his wolf pack leaders Baloo and Bagheera, but despite his human origins, the animals of the jungle accept him. In spite of the jungle animals’ acceptance, the child Mowgli faces dangers of his own. Read about the unforgettable adventure of Mowgli and the adventure family!

The film is based on the book of the same name. It is a fantasy adventure, and the characters are quite likable. However, the plot twist is that the villagers are not the same as the wolves. The children are not all the same and Mowgli must prove himself to be a good boy in order to get back to his people. In order to complete his mission, Mowgli must upgrade his jungle home, enlist the help of his pack, and escape from the jungle.

The film is a Disney animated classic, and features a young protagonist, Mowgli, who has no idea why he is being hunted. The movie features a well-cast cast of actors, including Christopher Walken and Bill Murray as the king’s apes. Idris Elba as the ruthless wolf-tiger Shere Khan is a great choice for the villainous role.

In the jungle, a large pack of dholes is about to attack the wolf tribe. The wolf pack prepares to face the dholes and Mowgli convinces Baloo to follow her orders. He convinces the queen to help his pack. The wolves are not convinced and fight the dhole tribe using force. In the end, the dhole tribes flee after losing their tails. In the end, Mowgli saves the day and the forest of Seeonee is peaceful once more.


If you have a young family, you should try watching the animated movie Up with adventure. Not only is it a great cartoon for adults, but it is a great family movie to watch together. This story revolves around Carl, a young boy who has lots of adventures. He also grows up to become an old man and is still having fun with his adventures! Whether you’re a parent or a child, you’ll enjoy seeing the story of Carl as you go along.