What Products Can You Put in a Pillow Box?

You can find many uses for pillow boxes. They are inexpensive, easy to assemble, and make excellent event favors. They can also be custom-printed with a logo or message. If you are looking for a unique way to present a gift or a product, these boxes are a great option. In this article, we’ll explore what products you can put in a pillow box and how to make them unique and personalized.

Custom printed pillow boxes

In retail industries, custom printed pillow boxes are important packaging solutions. Pillow boxes are used to protect food items and increase their shelf life. The handles on these boxes can be used to hold delicate medical products safely. They are also a great choice for marketing strategy. In addition to being a cost-effective packaging solution, they are also eco-friendly. Here are a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. Below are a few of the most common uses of custom printed pillow boxes.

A custom-printed pillow box can be used to promote your brand image. This product can be printed with a designer logo or an iconic clothing pattern. Whatever you choose, you can customize the box in any color or technique. If you have a limited budget, you can purchase these boxes at discounted prices to save money. For a better value, consider ordering custom printed pillows as gifts. Listed below are just a few uses for custom-printed pillow boxes.

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Materials used to make pillow boxes

There are two main types of materials used for pillow boxes – cardboard and Kraft. These materials are suitable for pillow gift boxes because they are durable, yet offer a stylish look. In addition, they are affordable, allowing retailers to display them on the front shelve. For more information, visit the websites below. To make pillow boxes with custom designs, contact a customer support service. A customer support representative can help you choose the material and design for your box.

Pillow boxes are made of multiple layers of materials, which increases their shelf life. The inner layer of a pillow box made of aluminum helps extend the shelf life of food items, and they are also a good choice for medical products. These boxes also feature handles for safe handling. Whatever type of pillow boxes you’re looking for, there’s a pillow box for you. These boxes are also an excellent choice for your marketing strategy.

Products that can be placed inside of a pillow box

Pillow boxes are a great choice for presenting a wide variety of consumer goods. They come in a variety of sizes and shapes to accommodate many different types of consumer products, from clothing to candies. Moreover, they make excellent promotional items and can also be used to present candy gifts at weddings or birthdays. The convenience and functionality of pillow boxes also makes them great gift boxes. Here are some examples of products that can be placed inside a pillow box:

Pillow boxes are lightweight packaging boxes that have a distinctive design style. These boxes are often used to package small items such as jewelry or clothing. As the name implies, pillow boxes have a flat bottom and two rounded flaps on the opening side, which fold inward over each other to form the shape of a pillow. Many packaging companies add their brand name and logo to pillow boxes to make them stand out from the competition.

Size of a pillow box

A pillow box is a popular packaging choice for a wide range of products. In addition to pillows, pillow boxes are also used to package lingerie, small gifts, and jewelry. The size of a pillow box is important to ensure proper protection of the product during shipment and storage. There are three main sizes available: small, medium, and large. Small pillow boxes are commonly used to package jewelry, lingerie, and smaller items. Larger pillow boxes are typically used for clothing or apparel. They often feature handles. The size and weight of a pillow box is essential for protecting the contents within while shipping.

A pillow box is typically made of corrugated cardboard with two rounded flaps on each opening side. These flaps fold inward and form a pillow shape. The material of a pillow box can vary, from corrugated cardboard to fine white cardstock. Once you’ve chosen the material, decide on its size and shape. Generally, a pillow box is made from one or more layers of corrugated cardboard, fine white cardstock, or duplex cardboard.

Patterns for making a pillow box

If you’ve ever wondered how to make a pillow box, you’ve come to the right place. These boxes feature a simple design, with 2 sides and two openings. A glue tab on the inside closes the lid. The box also has 4 flaps and is very simple to assemble. Once you’ve assembled the box, you can fill it with snacks or candy. For added flair, you can use beads or charms to decorate the box.


While you may be wondering how to make this box, there are many uses for these boxes. They’re perfect year-round gift wrapping, and they can be customized with adornments. Check out my next post for another DIY project: making decorative paper or tags! There are so many possibilities! I’ve included some examples of the types of embellishments you can use in these boxes. You can use the same technique to make other adornments, such as ribbons, and rhinestones.