Design Your Custom Kraft Paper Bags Inspired by Top Brands

The customer experience begins after the purchase. If you run a store that sells clothes, a boutique, or a restaurant, custom kraft paper bags are the perfect way to show off your brand outside your store. Are you struggling with a design element? No worries, check out these five brands’ designs and styles of paper bags that are sure to give you ideas.

Apple store bags with rope handles

Apple is a well-known brand that uses paper bags with rope handles. With more than 500 stores around the world, it’s not surprising that a lot of people go to the Apple store to make their purchases in person.

Apple products are not only pricey but are heavy too (for example, MacBook Pro laptops are heavy). The paper bags need to be strong and not break when customers carry their products home.

Apple kept the design of the bag simple by just adding its silver logo to the sides and using a gray rope. The designs of all of their products have always been pretty similar, and their bags are no different. You can throw this idea into your tailored kraft paper bags with handles. 

Under Armor bags with handles made of rope

Under Armor is a fitness brand that sells shoes, bags, textiles, and other fitness-related items. Under Armor, like Apple, has sold custom kraft paper bags with strong rope handles that have been printed with their logo.

The brand chose to print a pattern all over the bag and put a big white logo in the middle. This makes their brand easy to spot from far away. Their rope handle is bright red, which matches the colors of their brand.

A Victoria’s Secret retail bag with ribbon handles

Victoria’s Secret is a fashion brand that is known for emphasizing beauty and luxury. Their products range from lightweight clothing to accessories like perfume and lotions.

Since their items aren’t too heavy, these ribbon handles are the perfect combination of function and style. The pink stripes and pink ribbon handles on these bags make it easy for anyone to recognize the brand.


Pro-Design Tip

Paper bags with ribbon handles are great for transporting nice, lightweight items. Ribbon handles can be put into numerous sizes, shapes, materials, or colors; these bags make paper bags look and feel better.

Zara’s Twisted Handle Paper Bag

Zara has been working hard to become a circular business, and its stores are changing to be less harmful to the environment.

Their shopping bags are in line with this mission. Both the bags and the handles are made of kraft paper, which means they can be thrown away after use. Customers can use their bags more than once, but it’s good to know that after many uses, these bags will break down into biodegradable substances.

These twisted paper handles are vigorous and give customers a safe way to hold their purchases, from oversized coats to small accessories. Their paper bags have a simple design, and their big, white logo is sure to catch anyone’s eye on the street.

Gift bag from Marks & Spencer with ribbon handles

Marks & Spencer has everything you need to give better gifts. You can buy printed gift bags with ribbon handles in different sizes, hues, and quantities from their retail stores.

Their bag designs are already printed and have unique text stamped in silver foil. The colors go with the holiday theme, which includes a good mix of white, red, and green. The ribbon handles are also made of a robust material, making sure that your gift bags are strong.

You can make the most out of these ideas and imply the breathtaking design for your custom kraft paper bags.