You Must go to Binghamton, New York, Once

Binghamton, which exists in the southern part of the state of New York, is a great destination for outdoor enthusiasts and sports fans.

You may get a taste of Victorian life because to the city’s well-preserved history.

The city is also known as the “Carousel Capital of the World” and is home to six of the last surviving antique carousels in the US and Canada.

Visitors can enjoy the picturesque landscape of New York at Bingham. So, let’s explore the best things to do in Binghamton NY.

On the city’s many trails, you may go riding and hiking while taking in the expansive vistas.

The city boasts fascinating museums, delightful coffee shops, rustic sports bars, lovely parks, delicious food, and much more in addition to historical buildings and other national attractions.

Visitors also have the option of making a side trip to New York City because Binghamton is only a three-hour drive from the Big Apple.

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Find the City’s Unknown Gems

Binghamton is a charming city that will charm you with its abundance of greenery and magnificent works of architecture.

There are many sights you can view just by taking a trip about this attractive city, which is ideal for visiting on foot.

Explore Binghamton’s hidden beauties by meandering around various streets and neighborhoods.

Museum of Discovery in the Southern Tier

Playgrounds, exhibitions, displays, gardens, and more can be found at the interactive children’s museum known as the Discovery Museum of the Southern Tier.

This 22,500 square foot facility is a great spot to spend some time with your kids.

This museum offers a variety of activities for children.

They can investigate several exhibitions, like the one about the Erie Canal where they can discover how locks operate.

Children can also discover how to construct railroad tracks, examine an ambulance, play the role of an EMT, independently experience vast supermarket stores, and so much more.

Your young children will not only be entertained, but also fascinated and educated.

Visit at Otsiningo Park

Otsiningo Park is a city park featuring lovely vegetation, numerous pathways, neighborhood gardens, open space, a rotating farmers market, and more.

It offers well-maintained sidewalks for biking and walking.

If you want to stroll along the river for a mile or two on lovely tree-lined trails, this park is the ideal location. You can enjoy a picnic in one of the authorized spots while taking in the tranquilly and calm of the park. The Chenango River is a great place to go fishing.

The ideal location to appreciate nature and take in the peace and quiet is Otsiningo Park.

Amusement Park

One of Binghamton’s most lovely public parks is Recreation Park, nicknamed Rec Park to the locals.

One of the six old carousels in Binghamton is housed there.

Allan Herschel created the carousel in 1925, and it has been refurbished so that tourists can ride it without paying.

The park also features a seasonal pool, tennis courts, and ball fields, playgrounds that are accessible to those with disabilities, numerous walking trails, and more.

You can enjoy a great picnic in Recreation Park’s picturesque surroundings after riding the carousel.