Top 8 Netflix Alternatives For Film Buffs

There’s no denying that Netflix and Amazon Prime Video are among the couch potato community’s favorite all-around streaming services. Although they’ve cemented themselves in TV binge culture – and inevitably offer something for everyone with their thousands of titles – TV and film buffs with specific tastes might be better served by more niche alternatives. In particular, since Apple and Disney have now become significant players.

Maybe one of these rival services is worth your direct debit if you’re a cinephile, horror fan, or Disney fanatic.

List of Top 8 Netflix Alternatives

Below mentioned services are the best in its segment:


How often have you spent half an evening trawling through Netflix trying to decide what to watch, only not to bother watching anything out of time-wasting frustration? Hands down. MUBI, the cinephile’s streaming service of choice, has a slimmer chance of bringing that about.

There used to only be 30 films in the catalog at any one time – a film dropped off every day, and a new one was added. As MUBI has developed into a film production company, the concept of ‘Film of the Day has expanded to include many more titles (but not too many).

There will probably be no rom-com starring Zac Efron or Marvel movies in the catalog. The service prides itself on offering – in their words – ‘forgotten gems,’ ‘festival-fresh cinema,’ ‘cult classics, and ‘award-winning masterpieces,’ so the titles are somewhat obscure. It’s all the better for it.

Every week, you’ll get a cinema ticket at a supporting cinema for a release of MUBI’s choice if you pay an extra 50 percent per month (£5).


Essentially a Netflix for horror fans, Shudder is the home of all the best horror films from around the world. With a vast catalog of killer content, this streaming service is the best place on the It’s great for keeping up with the latest genre releases fresh from festival circuits and binge the unhinged.

In addition to thematic collections (because you’d want to see nazi zombies and thousand-year-old imps in a Comedy of Terrors section), there is guest curatorial from horror film icons. New subscribers can even try it out for seven days for free. If you are searching for a free streaming app, Cinema HD would be a good option.

BFI Player

With a library of free clips, a pay-for film rental service, and a monthly subscription, the British Film Institute takes classic and cult films very seriously. You can find both contemporary Korean psycho-sexual thrillers and classic 1950s Ingmar Bergman dramas in the latter’s catalog, both distinguished and expansive.

Mark Kermode introduces, what we’re watching, popular, recently added, and featured collections like BFI London Film Festival (films from festivals past), Italian Classics (hello Roberto Rossellini), and Academy Award winners are your guide-in angels. Within the 14-day free trial, you will only be able to scratch the surface of what the service can offer.

Disney Plus

On Disney Plus (Disney+), you can watch films and TV shows from Disney and its subsidiaries, including Lucasfilm, Marvel, Pixar, National Geographic, and Disney+ Originals. A more mature, adult-friendly angle was also introduced to the service in February 2021 with 270 films and 75 shows (and counting).

4K, HDR10, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos technologies are used to present many titles. Considering the cost of individual 4K movies to rent or buy, Disney+’s ability to download these titles in full resolution is arguably one of its best features.

In the competitive streaming world, Disney Plus has enjoyed a happily ever after with quality Disney Originals and plenty of exclusive theatrical releases. The best substitute for Disney plus is the TVMob app if you want a free streaming app.

Flix Premiere

Films fresh from festivals are brought to you by Flix Premiere, labeled as ‘the best of independent film’ with a ‘passion for indie gems and undiscovered directors’. Another service prioritizes quality over quantity – there are only 150 films in the catalog compared to Netflix UK’s 5000+. Still, most have been released within the past few years, and there’s a brand-new title every week.


Its recent expansion into distribution shortens the distance between its video streaming service and the cinema experience more than most. With the exclusive theatrical and online rights to Milcho Manchevski’s Bikini Moon, the company allows users to register for priority access to upcoming theatrical ‘red carpet’ premieres in London, Los Angeles, and New York.

Apple TV+

Despite its high quality and a modest number of Apple Originals, Apple TV+ is probably a secondary subscription service rather than a primary one. An increase in Apple productions, as well as licensed content from third parties, have resulted in a significant expansion of the catalog since its launch in late 2019.

A Ted Lasso drama produced by Apple Originals has won multiple awards, including four Primetime Emmys. We also recommend For All Mankind and Little American.

Apple offers a free 12-month subscription for people who purchased an Apple device since September 2019, and everyone else can try it for seven days for free.


Alert, nerds! Docsville – the subscription video service dedicated to documentaries created by former BBC Storyville editor Nick Fraser and producer Lawrence Elman – has become a godsend for anyone who watches TV for knowledge’s sake.

In addition to documentary films, the catalog includes docuseries, shorts, and bite-sized anecdote clips. It is a river of knowledge that anyone can slurp down while waiting for the kettle to boil or devour in 90 minutes if they have the patience. To prevent browsing boredom, the ‘what’s new’ and ‘most popular sections are good places to start.

Arrow Player

Arrow Player is a digital showcase of World Cinema, with a back-catalog of independent, classic, art, and horror film ready and waiting to be enjoyed. The ever-expanding British label and distributor prides itself on its steady release of cult cinema – the new, the old, and the remastered – on Blu-ray and DVD, and while you don’t get the same striking graphic artwork and audiovisual technology compatibility in the digital format, you do get the curation. Let’s face it, the value and convenience are unbeatable.