Storing and Cleaning the Wedding Dress

Many brides are now interested in being able to store their wedding dress long-term. Proper preservation is essential in order to successfully do that. And when it comes to clean it or preserve it you should always seek for some professionals as we cannot keep it the same as we bought for the first time by ourselves, the work professionals can do, we simply can’t as the reason is they are doing the same for years and they know what’s best for your dress and to preserve it well which they can make you understand how to handle your dress. Check out more in details in this post below and book the best dry cleaners for a better experience. 

Perspiration, food, champagne, wine, cake frosting all make it difficult to remove stains. The longer the stain is left in the material, the more difficult it becomes to remove. Darker stains can be very difficult for you to remove from your wedding dress.

There are many different materials used in wedding dresses today, each with its own reaction to stains and stain removal. The latest models use lace, bridal satin, taffeta as well as cotton stiffeners and boning.

Unlike cedar trunks, it is not advised to store your dress at home without proper preparation. Using cedar wood for storage can be detrimental to your garment over time because of its acidity and volatile gases.

Fibres are protected most when they are wrapped in acid-free materials, stored in a box. Boxes should be lined with tissue paper to make sure the fabric doesn’t get damaged.

Insects destroy materials such as linen and cotton. Try to follow these tips to protect your dress from being destroyed:

  1. Store your dress in a sealed environment and
  2. Clean the area around your dress.

Where you store your wedding gown matters too. Don’t store it in your basement because it can be humid, damp and offer an unsuitable environment. Store it at the bottom of your closet or under your bed.

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Make sure to take care of your wedding dress after the big day. You must not blindly trust anyone. With their years of experience and expensive, high-quality equipment and materials, BX Dry Cleaners & alterations can help keep your dress in pristine shape.

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