Surround Sound Headsets for Gaming, Movies and Music

Perhaps, you have come across the terms 7.1, DTS, 3D sound, spatial audio, surround sound when seeking headphones. How did it arrive at homes? Surround sound is said to have arrived in 1982 in living rooms with the advent of 3 channels Dolby Surround. In 1995, it went digital. Home Dolby Digital can be termed to be a 5.1 channel system similar to full theater version. They simply evolved with time and increasing technology.

Is It Possible for Headphones To Offer Surround Sound?

Humans have just two ears. However, the human ear can easily differentiate between sounds that come from behind, front, right, left, below or above. All this is possible without moving our heads. The brain being part of the hearing system decodes those changes towards deciphering origination of sound around us. Placing tiny microphones within the ear, signals can be captured. It provides that natural ear type effect that is likely to be quite impressive.

Difference Between ‘Virtual’ And ‘True’ Surround Sound Headphones

Multichannel audio is offered with games and movies designed to playback for multiple listeners over loudspeakers. Two different approaches are taken to ensure surround work perfectly over headphones. Choosing the latest Surround Sound Headsets is sure to take your gaming experience to a different level.

Surround Sound Headsets


The standard headphone is fitted with internal or external processing taking a multichannel audio stream. It tends to apply some HRTF-based type of binaural algorithm. Thus, those audio channels are placed around each ear in virtual space, referred to as ‘virtual’ surround headphone.


Multiple speaker drivers are fitted on each side of the headphones. These are generally located in manner around the ear to reflect optical location for the speaker of each channel. It is called ‘true’ surround headphone.

Virtual surround:

Virtual surround approach can be termed to be quite superior. When head motion tracking is combined, virtual surround speakers’ position can be locked. This way, sound sources do not experience shift as the head is turned either-wise. Thus, game or movie theater experience is simply enriched. It is available with advanced systems using motion tracking technology.

True surround:

True surround can be stated to be mechanically complex. It needs fundamental multi-channel decoding something that home theater receiver is found to be performing for years. Special headset hardware is not required for virtual surround. However, heavy signal processing will be desired for developing convincing virtual sound-field.

What to seek when buying surround sound headphones?

Surround sound systems that are software-based are designed to function efficiently with regular headphones. When processing solution is concerned, it depends mainly on the platform or application, be it watching movies on the phone or tablet or playing PC games. You can try most of them for free. They are also improved and updated regularly. Hence, find out what serves your needs precisely.