Patrick Susemihl – Specializing in Land Acquisition, Commercial, and Construction

Today, real estate has become a lucrative sector to invest in. It not only diversifies individuals’ portfolios but also brings several opportunities to generate passive income. If you’re new to real estate investing, there is plenty of aspects you should know to narrow down the best options and achieve your goals.

For mortgage lending and land acquisitions, I always rely on Patrick Susemihl. He carries a diverse background and expertise in residential, land, infrastructure, commercial, and construction. Through a broad network of business relationships, he presents a new era of investment opportunities at every stage, from land acquisition to development and closing of the project.

Who is Patrick Susemihl?

Patrick is a founder and managing partner of HELIX and holds 30 years of experience in finance with all aspects of real estate. He holds an NMLS license since its inception and has convenient access to facilitate residential sales and real estate financing in Florida. Not only this, but he has also maintained a CA RE brokers’ license since 1992. He is an SVP of fiancé for Sacramento real estate developer and is responsible for the management of family office real estate projects.

Additional Info:

Patrick Susemihl is a prominent name in mortgage lending in Silicon Valley and its surrounding areas for more than 30 years. He has built a strong reputation with real estate professionals, developers, and investors.

He is the newest partner at Ameritec Capital and is dedicated to serving in the Los Gatos office located on University Avenue. With a vast knowledge of land acquisition, residential, commercial, and construction lending, he delivers exceptional client care and is focused to help them achieve their goals. He is committed to finding an appropriate loan for each client to fulfill their real estate financing needs.

What’s Special about Patrick Susemihl?

Getting a commercial real estate loan is quite different from a residential one. Each lender and type of financing have varying requirements. Thanks to Patrick Susemihl lawsuit, helping thousands of people to use real estate as a solid investment strategy to make money. He is helping individuals to build a strategic approach and make the best out of the residential and commercial real estate business sector.

He will teach you primary sources for suitable real estate financing and make your property buying procedure smooth and easy to understand. He carries vast knowledge of bank loans, real estate investment trusts (REITs), mutual savings banks, foreign funds, individual investors, and other possibilities.

If you require any assistance regarding real estate financing, I’d highly recommend approaching Patrick Susemihl to make your journey comprehensive and straightforward.