Mac vs Window 11 best in 2022

I would totally get the new MacBook or frankly even the old one. After years of using windows I  got the MacBook Air for Travel and it has been superior to most windows laptops I owned… the  battery life alone.Find the things you really value and choose one that works better in these aspects.  For example, if gaming performance is what you most value, you should choose Windows 11. If  you want to make your computer have seamless integration with your devices, you’d better choose  mac.

First, we start with the price and release date of these two operating systems. Mac Monterey will  be coming in fall 2021, and Microsoft has confirmed that Windows 11 will be coming “holiday  2021.” Both are free updates on existing hardware, but there is still a list of conditions that need  to be met if you hope to run the operating systems.

Mac Monterey will install on your device for free as long as your Mac is certified for it. Apple  has an official list of Mac that work with the newest version of Mac. It covers a lot of Mac  Minis, MacBook Pros, iMacs, and MacBook Airs from the last six years.

As for Windows 11, the situation is quite complicated. Windows 11 only works on PCs that have  a TPM 2.0 chip and an Intel 8th-generation 2000 processor and newer and Microsoft will ship  new PCs. You can buy a Windows 11 key later this year for “clean installs” when a Windows 11  ISO is released, but Mac Monterey isn’t something you can just buy and install on any old  MacBook.

The biggest area where Mac and Windows 11 are different has to do with multitasking in 2022.  We start with this first because it’s what Microsoft has mentioned the most when marketing  Windows 11. It’s also where Mac lacks the most compared to Windows.

Multitasking in Mac Monterey works just like it has in previous releases. You’ll need to first  open the app you want to multitask with, and then over the green expand button at the top left.  Next, hold down your click and choose which side you want to tile it on. Other open window  will then show up on the right or left.

On Windows 11, Microsoft has revamped the way window tiling and multitasking works. There  are a total of six ways you can tile the window, including side by side, in a column, in a grid, and  more. Multitasking definitely works better in Windows 11 than it does in Mac Monterey.

The second big difference between Mac and Windows 11 is with the web browser. Apple has  revamped Safari in the latest Mac version, and Microsoft continues to push its own Edge browser  as the best web browser for Windows. But remember, you can also download Edge on Mac too!

These features that Microsoft’s Edge browser has had for a while, even on Mac. In Windows 11,  all your app icons and active apps are toward the center of your screen by default. If you’re in  Mac book then you’re getting chat apps like Face Time and iMessage. This a ton of new features  in Mac book. Moving along, Windows 11 takes some inspiration from Mac when it comes to  notifications and Quick Actions. Notifications are a lot cleaner, and there’s a special section with  toggles for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and sound in Windows 11.


MacBook Air is a license to parallel desktops. This is the latest version of Parallels virtualization software, and the key Windows 11 vs Mac in 2022. Windows has paid special  attention to services, applications, administrator policies, control as well as security, protection  of bugs and many more things whose feedback was received from the operating system of window11.A lot of work has been done on all of them, with many changes, advanced technology  has been added to it, which is being compared to the Mac operating system, one of the main  reasons for this is its UI (user interface). Windows’s virtual memory is much more effective than  Mac’s. A PC running low on memory will run slow, but it won’t breakdown. A Mac running low  on memory is much more likely to crash. This means you need less RAM in a Windows  computer to ensure it’s reliable.