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Multiple network administrators are considering only one data protection solution because it can greatly simplify the data protection process. These solutions are also less expensive than purchasing each component separately, and they provide a single point of contact for all of your support needs. In a recent survey, it was found that more than half of the respondents indicated that they would prefer to rely on a single vendor for their data protection whenever possible.

An all-in-one data protection solution for the purposes of the article includes the hardware components and necessary backup software to back up an organization’s critical data, maintain the backed up data both on-hand and at secure off-site locations, Monitor the systems 24*7, provide server virtualization and data restoration so that the data network can be operational as soon as possible. Take your business to greater heights with the Best Data Bundles Kenya with Gadgets Africa.

There are a few things to consider before deciding whether to go with a particular solution.

What type of Hardware is used?

Network-attached storage (NAS) server with internal storage capacity is connected to the network and the server hard drive is mirrored to the NAS storage. Best Data Bundles Kenya enhances your business to the fullest.

What software gets included?

There is client software loaded over the server for the backup process. The resident NAS software gets used for compression, encryption, bare-metal recovery, and continuous data protection.

Is the solution secure and reliable?

Most of the solutions offer encryption. Encryption is a critical component in backup data protection. The solution must support AES-Level encryption. The backup data must get encrypted oversite and while in transit to the off-site location and at the hosted site.

Can the solution scale to data storage demands?

Data protection solutions should be able to run efficiently and at scale without a lot of specialized hardware. Best Data Bundles Kenya aims to transform the scalability of your business.

Is offsite backup involved in the solution?

Both over-site storage and remote storage must be a part of the solution.

How many times can data be backed up?

The frequency of data backup determines how much data will be lost. If data is backed up only once a day then 24 hours of data will be lost. Multiple businesses should not accept that type of loss. They require a small recovery point. Most solutions provide backup every 15 minutes.

There are lots of all-in-one data protection solutions that help you run your business in a secure manner. Some organizations prefer to buy deployment, and maintain the solutions themselves. The in-house option also requires labor and expertise to operate the system. Some solution providers bundle data protection tools and software into a bundle that includes the labor to maintain and respond to notifications and outages, as well as the labor to monitor the system 24*7. The system needs to be flexible to scale as changes are needed and provide one-point contact when service is required.

Best Data Bundles Kenya assures profit in your business

No organization really enjoys the prospect of undertaking a huge data migration project, and for this reason, many companies lag behind in business intelligence. However, as big data becomes more prevalent, and as organizations race to collect as much information as possible, it becomes an absolute necessity. Business intelligence proves to be the best tool for making informative decisions that drive expansion and profits, however, taking advantage of it means your organization will need quality data integration management.

What is Data Integration?

Data integration and warehousing are both important terms that refer to the centralization of data in an organization. That centralization can mean that all data is physically stored together, or it can refer to other strategies that create a sort of nearly centralized system. The advantage of unified, coherent, centralized data is that businesses can now analyze data more effectively and accurately.

Why does your organization need data management?

Despite all the benefits of managing data integration, your organization is not sold on the idea. It doesn’t like to handle migration; No one wants to use new applications, and so on. This is quite understandable; This is not excusable within today’s market. If your competitors have not already integrated their data and implemented a quality management policy, they will soon do so. It is only a matter of time, and as soon as organizations have not yet been able to integrate their data; Less stressful transitions will happen within a longer time frame. There is no downside to data integration and it has a lot of benefits. Boost your business with Best Data Bundles Kenya.