Top 5 Steps to Improve Your Security Guard Service

When someone hires a security guard servicethey have a perception of how their security force would appear to be. However, people are often disappointed. In most cases, security guard companies can fulfill their client needs but often are unable to due to a lack of quality control measures.

Listed below are the 5 effective steps you can take to improve your security guard service to get the most out of security guard service:

Check Qualification of Guards

Guards must have a particular amount of training before they can officially start working as guards in many states. You have to make sure that the security agency you are hiring from gives professional training to the guards. Also, see if the security agency runs background checks and drug screenings before they send them over to the client. If yes, ask for verifications of these checks.

You can do a brief interview as well to get some knowledge about the guard and convey your expectations.

Guard Supervision

It is one of the most important factors of good security service. If the security company fails to provide proper supervision, it means they are not acting responsibly as they should for preventing mistakes and problems. Moreover, when there is no supervision, the guards are likely to get careless. They don’t feel like part of the team, which could lead to unprofessional and risky behavior.

If your security needs require guards to make rounds of the property, a tracking system should be in place that inspects them on duty. You can inspect them via security cameras as well. It is a remote yet effective way of monitoring the guards. This way, the security company can monitor the time and log the guard activity when they make rounds to different areas on the property.

Evaluate Guard Training

Even though security guard companies have a thorough orientation in which the guards are introduced to the company where they will be performing their duties. There are a few things that you should take care of. That the orientation occurs at your property, who does the training, and how long each of the guards is trained? Are your requirements properly explained to them?

Find the answers to these questions and see that they fit your requirements. If you can, you can sit on your security guard’s orientation and site-specific training for a better understanding of what it takes to prepare the guards to work at your company.

Guard Inspection

Inspection of security guards after hours is one of the best ways to stay on top of how things are run when you are not at the premises. Ask questions from the security guards during these inspections regarding their duties and responsibilities. This would give you a clear picture of their performance. Moreover, you would also know if they fully understand their jobs.

It is wise to get the security guards audited regularly both formally and informally through a licensed security consultant. When you choose a security consultant, make sure that the consultant is not a security guard company.

Keep in Touch with Security Guard Company

The easiest and last step to ensure effective security service is meeting regularly with the security company you have hired services for the safety of your business premises. Business owners and property managers miss out on chances to boost their efficiency when they lack regular feedback from the company. You should discuss matters such as tenant feedback, security audits, and other security-related matters during these meetings.

As a property manager, you just need to take the right steps and ensure the right processes so that all parties have a clear understanding of what to expect. And while you are at it, make sure to check the company’s security license Toronto to confirm that you are hiring a legit company.