300k Followers+ How I Became a Successful Instagram Blogger

300k Followers+ How I Became a Successful Instagram Blogger

Today, we have a visitor post from our understudy Rachel at The College Nutritionist about how to turn into a fruitful Instagram blogger. Rachel amassed more than 300,000 Instagram devotees in two or three years and is using it as an instrument to fuel her writing for blog business. She is using Instagram to get traffic to her blog and bring in serious cash (more than $10,000 each month)! Here is her astonishing story: Hello folks! Thanks to you, Alex, and Lauren, for setting up this visitor post for me! click here

I will educate you on why I began “The College Nutritionist,” how I’ve had the option to turn into a fruitful Instagram blogger, my (serious) battles en route, and key focus points for you if you have any desire to develop on Instagram.


Everybody can find success on Instagram and writing for a blog, and I need to show you how!

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2013 – 2000: Why I began The College Nutritionist

At the point when I was in secondary school and school, I was SO mistaken about what to eat. 

I attempted each eating routine – the cabbage soup diet (for 2 hours), a vegetarian diet, very prohibitive weight control plans, and insane eating regimens that.

I made up in my mind, such as attempting to eat a pile of lasagna and nothing else the remainder of the day… or eating ONLY foods grown from the ground.Therefore, all I did was ponder food; my life rotated around what to eat and when to eat it – and in the meantime, nothing was working! 

Commitment, as well as my development, deteriorated.

Since I was pondering food all the time, in any case, I changed my major from math to nourishment halfway through school so I could comprehend the science behind the thing I was eating.

This, and interning for various weight-the executives related associations, assisted me with at last comprehension of the logical and mental parts of what might keep me full, fulfilled, and at the solid weight I generally felt agreeable at.

However, I needed to help other people track down these acknowledgments, be liberated from the falsehood on weight reduction that is on the web and via virtual entertainment, and eventually deal with their weight in sound, satisfying ways.


At that point, there were many nourishment training materials on what to eat for individuals with diabetes, coronary illness, hypertension, and so on, yet nothing for my age!

It was irritating, no doubt.

I felt that youthful grown-ups shouldn’t need to concentrate on nourishment in school just to shed a couple of pounds and have a decent connection with food.

When I graduated with my lone wolf and expert from Case Western Reserve University in the spring of 2013, I began the site and virtual entertainment representing “The College Nutritionist.”

2015 – 2016: Instagram supporter development from 0 to 17k devotees

I came to NYC to begin my Ph.D. at Columbia University in Behavioral Nutrition – a blend of brain science and sustenance, or how to convey successfully and change individuals’ foodways of behavior – in July 2013.

I began posting recipes on Instagram and my blog with some additional free time.Instagram was different in those days. It was a lot more straightforward to develop.

Pictures showed up in sequential requests – your devotees were shown your posts (versus now, when supporters are all possibly shown your posts assuming they view, as, or remark on your photos frequently).

2020 – March 2022: Instagram supporter count dropped from 17k to 14k adherents

I was working nonstop, running my investigations and dealing with my supervisor’s examinations to get distributions, hurrying to Queens to be an assistant teacher, and filling in as a part-time nutritionist at a private practice to manage the cost of my lease.

What’s more, attempting to track down genuine affection in NYC! Honestly, however, dating applications take time and exertion (!!).

During this time, College Nutritionist indeed dropped off the radar (dropping to 14k devotees on Instagram since I wasn’t posting in any way). I didn’t have the energy or time to give to it.

Walk – April 2022: Instagram devotee development stale at 14k followers

Such countless individuals in business need to help everybody – except, as Tim Ferris, writer of the book The 4 Hour Workweek, says.

On the off chance that everybody is your client, nobody is your client.

My most memorable example for you is to do that – specialty down until it harms – on Instagram and, obviously, in your business overall.

As Tim Ferris likewise says, “When you specialize,

It turns out to be less challenging for your objective client to track you down, and more straightforward for you to charge a top-notch cost.”

I talked with a portion of my companions about selling my Instagram account. The unique proposition I got was for $2k. However, I realized it was more significant than that.

I thought: “Alright, I’ll give it another stab at it.”

Being inventive and helping other people is something I realized I cherished doing.

I believed that, in any event, this could top off that little extra available energy I would have throughout the following months.

May 2020 – July 2022: Slow Instagram devotee count development from 14k to 15k adherents

I posted (what I felt were exceptional) gorgeous photographs and would get under 100 preferences, or under 1% commitment.

I think a decent point is 4% – so the number of priorities on your regular post is separated by the all-out number of supporters you have).

Genuinely humiliating since I have a great many supporters as of now. Regardless of what I did, my commitment wouldn’t move.

effective Instagram blogger procedure

During this time, I was organizing with other foodie Instagrammers, and one companion who was developing quickly told me:

“You know, your substance simply isn’t seriously mind-blowing.”

A major oof, without a doubt – however, this comment was one of my defining moments.

I couldn’t simply fault the calculation. Instagram wasn’t on a mission to get me. I expected to change my substance for my record to develop.