Why should you buy wholesale hand block and screen printing

History has it that the specialty of hand block printing started in India, China and other south east nations. Hand block printed salwar suits are made by engraving a plan with a cut piece of wood or other block. Block printed kurtas are the ideal decision for all age gatherings of in vogue ladies of the centre east. They are a flexible decision and can be worn for relaxed, formal and semi formal events. This is the reason handblock printed cotton fabrics in UAE are renowned. Mix of style and solace, they are the perfect decision for a seemingly endless workday. Block printing done by hands is never awesome and that is its excellence. No two bits of hand block printing will at any point match precisely.

Then again, screen printing is one of the most famous techniques for printing and it’s the most broadly utilised strategy for kurta printing. An interaction includes pushing ink through a woven lattice stencil onto texture. The stencil opening makes the space through which the ink will go, to make the plan. The ink is then driven off the cross section, pulled by a fill cutting edge or wiper. As the sharp edge is pulled, the ink is pushed through the cross section, onto the article of clothing.

But both have their own advantages and qualities. So let’s explore together. 

Advantages of wholesale handblock

Suitable for any occasion 

Hand block printed suit sets are accessible in a scope of examples and plans so whether it is an office look, relaxed look or a party look, you can choose your prints relying upon the event. Hand block printed kurtas, kurtis and suit sets are likewise worn at services, customs and different occasions.

Goes with trend 

Hand block printed salwar suits accompany the twofold advantage of style and solace. While being high on the charm remainder, block printed kurtas and hand block printed salwar suits never think twice about the solace and accommodation of the clients. They come in comfortable textures, for example, cottons, cloths and silks that keep you new the entire day.

Budget friendly

Hand block printed salwar suits, kurtis, kurtas and indo western suit set are accessible in a scope of reasonable costs that suit each spending plan. One can think about the costs of block printed kurtis on the web and afterward select the mark that offers the best arrangement. Various choices in kurtis, kurtas and other dress are accessible web-based on only a tick.

Advantage of screen printing 

Cost effective 

Since this is a technique that requires the creation of screens for each variety utilised in a fine art, it is best held for enormous orders. The more pieces of clothing submitted in a request then the less expensive the expense per unit will be.

Durable nature and larger varieties 

Because of the structure and thickness of inks utilised in screen printing, plans set with this technique can endure definitely more pressure than others without losing the nature of the print.

Customization is possible 

It is an elusive printing strategy as flexible as screen printing. It tends to be finished on practically any surface for however long it is level, texture, wood, plastic and, surprisingly, metal, among numerous others. While buying in discount you can guarantee the imprinting on exceptional texture or surface which is beyond the realm of possibilities in retail.


Now I hope you know why we should buy bulk hand block fabrics and screen printed clothes. You can create some amazing trendy and modest abaya, niqab and burqa out of this handblock and screen printed clothes. 

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