Ram Chary Everi’s Take on Technology Consulting as a Profession

Technology is an intrinsic part of present-day life. No sector in life is devoid of the touch of technology. The corporate world is no exception to this Midas’s touch. But unfortunately, the owners of the businesses do not particularly have the time to educate themselves on the latest technological advancements. This is where the role of a technological consultant like Ram Chary Everi comes in.


He has worked at IBM Global Services in technology consultancy as well as infrastructure outsourcing. Enriched with knowledge about the technological developments he used them in the consequent places of work. This is why he was able to lead the technology division at Fidelity National Information Services Inc. Technology consulting thus is defined by him as a profession in which the business owners who are the clients receive expert advice on how to use the most suitable technology so they can achieve their business objectives optimally.


The design and the development of any technological tool are scrutinized by the advisor and then according to the suggestion given. The advisor further suggests how to implement the same by interweaving it with the current processes of the business. Additional advice is given on how to manage this new aspect of the business. IT consultants, software consultants, computer consultants, or technological advisors are the other names given to the consultants who work in this field.


The reason why a business would want to hire a technology consultant such as Ram Chary Everi is the increasing involvement of technology in every sector of life. With the technology consultants getting involved in the management of a business, it has been noticed advice in this direction helps businesses to mitigate risks, accelerate growth, increase returns, cut down on costs, streamline important processes as well as attract new talent and clients.


Risk assessment, customize software development, infrastructure planning and analysis of the security systems are among the other tasks assigned to a technology consultant. They work in consultation with the senior managers and other personnel of higher positions such as business executives and leaders.


Getting a degree in IT or computer science is one of the first things one should do if they are interested in taking up technology consulting as a profession just as Ram Chary Everi has done. Having done that, they should take up an internship or a job to get a hands-on experience with the job profile. All experiences make a lot of difference when doing the work practically. Staying up to date with the latest and upcoming trends as well as being breast with the novel technological developments in the corporate sector is the responsibility of such consultants. Being technologically up-to-date also adds confidence in the client’s mind while hiring the consultant.


Networking has always been a very effective tool in letting people know about their profession. Knowing other professionals in the same field not only helps gain knowledge of the current working conditions but also makes one’s presence felt in the industry.