How to choose a preschool for your child

Like every parent, you may also want to choose the best preschool for your little one. After all, preschool is the founding pillar of your child’s personality and quality education.

From teaching healthy social skills to inculcating the habit of focusing on studies, the best preschools take care of all that at an affordable school fee in Dubai.

However, when you plan to send your kid to a Dubai preschool, make sure you have a good idea of what you want your little one to learn from nursery school.

A comprehensive checklist to help you know what to look for when choosing a preschool in Dubai for your kid.

1. Hours of Duty & School Fee In Dubai

Typically, the preschool’s school fee in Dubai is charged for the hours for which you want your kid to attend the nursery school. To ensure your child learns the best, go for quality over expense.

Usually, a Dubai preschool offers three shifts: early morning, morning, and afternoon. It’s up to you to decide which shift is more convenient for you and your kid. A word of advice: choose a preschool for long hours if you’re working parents.

2. Consider The Behaviour

Behaviour should be a crucial factor to look out for when selecting a nursery school for your kid. Check the behaviour of the principal, teachers, and even peons, and see how kind they are.

If they are kind and respectful towards each other, take it as a good sign as your kid will learn basic good manners from them, which will get rooted in their mind forever. So, your kid’s road to becoming a gentle and kind person starts right from here.

3. Medical Assistance

The health of your kid is a significant concern. The teachers are the one who observe any sudden change in your child’s behaviour, which usually happens due to any health issue.

So, it’s essential to consider a Dubai preschool with a child physician. After all, your little one’s health is more important than anything.

4. Extra-Curricular Activities Are Also Important

In the developmental phase of life, your kid will learn the best of things from self-experiences. To boost and elevate your child’s mental and physical stamina, make sure they can participate in co-curricular and curricular activities in the preschool.

It helps them learn that failure is a part of life, and we can do nothing but accept it and move on with the positive aspects of life. The best preschools in Dubai make sure they arrange such activities for children and amplify their fun in learning.

5. Frequent Parent-Teacher Meets

Make sure you choose a nursery that always stays in touch with parents like you. See if they engage every parent in their plans or not.

Look out for their communicative approach to reaching out to parents and telling them about their kid’s behaviour and performance in school. Pick a preschool where you and other parents could meet the teachers and plan on the benefits for the children.

6. Proper Building & Infrastructure

If the environmental conditions aren’t good or supportive, your kid won’t be able to learn things well. A suffocating classroom or a building that is not designed for comfort can result in your child’s adverse health conditions and broken confidence.

So, make sure you choose a preschool with the best-in-class infrastructure and building design with a centralised air-conditioning system.

7. Quality Assurance

Make sure you pick a Dubai preschool that is approved by KHDA. The best preschool gets regular visits from the excellent quality assurance team.

Such a team ensures kids are safe and enjoying the best times while acquiring quality education. This will instil trust in the institution and help you quickly decide whether the preschool is ideal.

Now that you know what to look for when choosing a preschool in Dubai, consider these questions to ask them when they set up an appointment for an interview.

Here are a few basic questions that every nursery and Dubai Preschool should be able to answer:

  •     Are the buildings, classes, and equipment all well-maintained?
  •     Is every entrance and exit of the preschool secured and well-monitored under 24/7 CCTV cameras? Do they have any clearly signed fire exits?
  •     Does the preschool have any well-documented safety and health procedure? Will they share it with you?
  •     Does the preschool have a qualified and experienced child physician or any trained nurse?
  •     Is there any quiet, age-appropriate, comfortable space for the children to sleep?
  •     Are the teaching staff well-qualified to impart knowledge and wisdom as per the curriculum?
  •     Does the preschool have the right balance of outdoor and indoor play areas?

Conclusion: Get the best quality academics for the kid

There are plenty of other things to ask, but getting confident and satisfying answers to these questions will help you pick the best preschool in Dubai. Whether it’s curriculum, staff behaviour, or school fee in Dubai, you know what to look for when selecting a preschool. So, get started today.