How Do Orange County Managed IT Service Providers Prevent Ransomware Attacks on Companies?

Ransomware refers to a malicious software application (malware) that cyber-criminals insert into their computers to encrypt their business data. The culprits then insist their victims pay them a specific sum of money to re-gain access to the sensitive information. In some cases, they even threaten to publish the critical data online or permanently corrupt it. This can prove to be detrimental to the corporations’ business operations and result in considerable losses. Cyber-criminals usually announce a deadline within which the companies need to meet their demands.

Companies are vulnerable to ransomware attacks as they frequently have to access the Internet to conduct their business operations. The malicious software programs that cybercriminals launch scan the corporations’ local network servers, which connect to the Internet. The malware then encrypts the enterprises’ sensitive business information and system files without their knowledge. As a result, the companies cannot access confidential data. This brings the commercial activities of the companies to a halt. Then, cyber-criminals start to blackmail the companies into paying large sums of money to decrypt the data. Otherwise, they will publish the information online to highlight the data breach.

The consequences of severe ransomware attacks by cyber-criminals on the companies are:

  • Temporary or even permanent loss of their confidential business data,
  • A complete shutdown of their entire commercial operations in the market,
  • Irreparable damage to enterprises’ market reputation, and
  • Considerable loss of revenue resulting from the shutdown of business operations.

In this situation, it becomes essential for the companies to take necessary safeguards to protect their businesses from ransomware attacks. However, many of these corporations do not have the manpower, resources, and expertise to prevent these cyber-security threats. This is why the companies should hire reliable Orange County Managed IT service providers specializing in cyber-security to tackle ransomware attacks.

Role of Managed IT companies in averting ransomware attacks

The specialists of these Managed IT service providers first assess the vulnerability of the corporate clients’ IT infrastructure to ransomware threats. Then, they activate and test suitable backup devices to store the companies’ sensitive data in the event of these cyber-security attacks. Simultaneously, the experts upload the latest anti-ransomware software applications and other cyber-security tools in enterprises’ computer systems. One of these tools is the email protection gateway which operates as the first line of protection. At the same time, the specialists insert intrusion detection systems to the endpoints of corporations’ IT infrastructure to function as their second line of protection. These cyber-security devices detect potential ransomware attacks and issue relevant warnings.

Working with Orange County Managed IT service providers specializing in the field of cyber-security can help companies protect their businesses from ransomware attacks. However, these corporate vendors that enterprises select should have a good market reputation, as evident from online customer reviews. Moreover, the vendors’ experts should be experienced in this area and necessary professional accreditations. Above all, the pricing policy of managed IT service providers should be within the companies’ budget too.