Once you’ve finally decided it’s time to try CBD, the next step is to choose your consumption method. There are many ways to enjoy CBD, and each has its advantages. It all depends on your taste. It can be edible, oral or sublingual, topical, or simply vaporized or smoked.

The only way to stand out is vaping. Vaping is an effective way to experience the effects of CBD faster. It’s a new fad that has swept the globe and is drawing a lot of attention from young adults.

However, determining the vape is the first step. You still need to decide how to take it. There are two possibilities. Use CBD cartridge or CBD vape juice. If you don’t know what they involve, it’s difficult to choose.

What is the difference between these vaping methods?

What kind of experience should we expect from each? That is the purpose of this guide. Read on to find the difference between CBD cartridges and CBD vape juice.


CBD Vape Juice is also known as CBD Vape Oil or CBD E-Liquid. This is basically a hemp-based extract designed for use with vape pens. CBD oil is too dense to vaporize in its original form. In the extraction process, CBD oil is mixed with a suitable carrier solution for vaporization (vegetable glycerin (VG) or glycerin).

The e-liquid can also be made from polyethylene glycol (PEG) or propylene glycol (PG). Regardless of the extraction method, the final product is a thin liquid that can be supplied in pre-filled cartridges. The cartridge is screwed into a heat source, a battery, creating a vape pen. When turned on, the device heats the vape juice to produce vapor for the user to inhale.

What are CBD cartridges?

CBD cartridges are slim containers that hold vape juice. They can be refillable or pre-packed. If it is refillable, it means it is reusable. Once that’s done, you can refill with CBD oil. However, pre-filled or disposable cartridges cannot be refilled. When you run out of CBD e-juice, buy a new one and replace it. The cartridge is attached to the battery to complete the vape pen.

5 Differences between CBD Vape Juice and CBD Cartridges

  1. Potency

The main difference between CBD carts and CBD vape juice is the strength level. CBD cartridges tend to be stronger than CBD vapor juice because they contain a high concentration of CBD per ml of e-liquid.

  1. Voltage

E-liquids are more powerful and require stronger batteries. You can’t use the same high-voltage with CBD cartridges. They can only be used with standard 510 batteries, and will not function well at high voltage.

Higher voltage means more power to the coil, which results in larger vapor clouds. Vape juice is best for large vapor clouds as they can be paired with high-wattage or power devices.

  1. it’s easy to use

While there is no difference between the two, prefilled vape pens are much easier to use. You don’t have to do much with a prefilled or disposable vaporizer. Simply place it between your lips, and you can start vaping. You can dispose of the e-liquid and get a new one. For refillable ones, novices might have some difficulties during refills.

  1. Flavor Options

There are many CBD vape juices on the market that are better than CBD cartridges. This means that users have access to a large variety of e-liquids. Juices are the best if you’re looking to try new flavors.

  1. Price

Prices for vapes can vary. Vape juices and cartridges can vary in price. Some are cheaper than others. CBD e-liquids tend to be a little more expensive than CBD cartridges. You can also make your own vape juice easily at home. Potent CBD cartridges are more affordable and provide better value. However, you will need to take a few draws in order to get the desired effects.

You can choose to vape CBD juice or CBD cartridges. Both are equally effective. Vaping is a great way of enjoying CBD. Vaping can deliver faster results because the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream quicker.

There are many differences between them, as we’ll see in the guide. You can save money by buying CBD ejuice bulk. For the best experience, make sure to only purchase high-quality products from reliable sources.