Android spy software: Control Vs Care

I was on my way to the metro when I saw the couple. They were not locals as the father was guiding the kid about how to use the card and service. Well, there were two ways to see the whole situation. Either the father was too caring or too controlling. He wanted to make sure the kids remain safe or he was trying to control his every move.

The two sides of the story made me realize that who will see what side may depend on the age of the seeing eye. I was mature enough so I see it as caring behavior. On the other hand that annoyed teen who was being guided in every little step was looking more frustrated than relaxed.

Let’s discuss Android Spy Software

He may have seen all this as controlling behavior and invasion of his personal space. But the truth is no one can feel the pureness of the heart of the parent, especially teenagers. Parents know that it is their moral duty to supervise and guide the kids in the best way possible. They don’t care about how the teenagers or society take it as the sole purpose is the kid’s betterment and safety.

So most of the time they become the bad cops in the story. But the truth is without these bad cops the teen can suffer beyond imagination. One parent came to me frustrated about the kid’s behavior. She has a teen boy who was beyond obsessed with online games. It was like an addiction for him and all she wanted was to make these games and online apps disappear from their lives. So that the kid can focus on real life. I recommended to her the android spy software technology. I am sure if any of the teenagers will be reading this they will be unsatisfied with the tool but believe me it is for your betterment.

  • According to Kaspersky’s study, 48 % of parents are not satisfied with their kid’s online life and they use parental control apps to keep an eye on their teenagers.

No doubt it is a control vs care war just like a heart vs mind game but the truth is sometimes it is necessary to tame the heart with a strong mind. In case you are still struggling in making the decision let me help you out a little.

Screen Control Vs No Control:

The screen control feature allows the user to know about every screen activity of the kid. How about knowing all the screen activities with the TheOneSpy android spy software as compared to having no idea what your kid is up to with the smart gadgets?

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Alerts About Gaming Partners Vs No Alerts:

With the mic bug feature, you can listen to all the chats and conversations happening between the kids and the gaming partners. The android spy software also gives insights about the game app list to the parents.

Access To IM chat Apps vs No Knowledge:

With the long trustworthy social media and instant messenger chat monitoring app list you can know about the chat box history of the teenagers. Android spy software makes it possible to have ears and eyes in private chat as well as group chat.

Real-Time GPS Alerts Vs No Response:

The GPS alerts give access to the real-time location of the target. How comforting it will be that you will know about the teen’s location even if they are not responding to your texts and calls.

Geo-Fencing Vs No Fencing:

The TheOneSpy android spy software gives the power to parents to restrict their teenager’s movement.

Check On Browsing Record Vs Blindfold

Track the internet browsing history of the kids and know what kind of web content gets their attention the most. With the app, you will be in the blind spot about every digital activity of the kids.

Don’t judge the android spy software technology without even trying. Get the app and you will be more than satisfied with the service. The TheOneSpy spy app offers the best services for parents and the stealth mode made it worth the try. The kids will never know about the secret monitoring mission and you will secretly be watching over the kids to assure their safety.