A Quick Guide Buy The Right Fitted Men’s T-Shirts


A Quick Guide Buy The Right Fitted Men's T-Shirts

The T-Shirt can be worn every day because it is classic and simple. But, unfortunately, a simple piece like a T-Shirt does not always fit everyone’s body shape. One thing is also clear: a T-shirt can look cool, but if it doesn’t fit right, things can go horribly wrong. There are many ways to make a fashion faux pas, such as having a neckline that is too wide, too deep, or worn out, or wearing a T-shirt that is too long or too wide. A T-shirt that is too tight can ruin a man’s outfit in an instant.


Then, how to buy the right fitted men’s t-shirt? Here are some keep-in-mind points that can help in finalizing the right t-shirt. 


Everyone has their own preferences when it comes to clothes, of course. But there are some general style rules and principles that can help you find the perfect T-Shirt fit, even though the sizes aren’t always the same and the materials are different. These rules apply to everyone, no matter their age, body shape, skin color, or anything else about them. 

If you want a T-shirt that fits like it was made for you, the following five things are important to know about how a T-shirt should fit:


  • Collar: Stay away from those with deep Vs.
  • Shoulders: Seams should sit on the shoulder bone.
  • Sleeves: It should be about the mid-bicep length and not too loose.
  • Length: A T-shirt should end in the middle of your fly.
  • Width: It’s best to leave between 2.5 and 5 cm of extra fabric on each side of the torso.


Most men’s T-shirts have round or V-shaped necklines. The round neck is a classic that will never go out of style and can be worn with anything. It should lay flat and be tight enough to cover all chest hair. It shouldn’t cut the neck, but it should feel good and fit well. A V-neck should only be worn as an undershirt or for very casual occasions. Its lowest point should never be lower than the height of the armpits.


The way a T-shirt sits around the shoulders is a clear sign that it fits well. The shoulder seam should never go too far over the shoulder bone or onto the upper arm. Small differences are fine, but the seam should ideally be right on the shoulder bone, where the curve of the shoulder starts. If this is the case, you can be sure that the T-Shirt is the right size and doesn’t pinch anywhere.


A good sleeve should not be too tight or too loose. About 2.5–3.5 cm of space should be left between the skin and the loose fabric of the T-Shirt. So, you can show off your arms without making them look too small. The sleeve should also go to the middle of the bicep, which is halfway between the armpit and the elbow.


The right T-shirt shouldn’t be too loose or too tight, no matter your body shape. A wide T-shirt doesn’t hide extra pounds; it makes the wearer look fatter. Tight T-shirts look like compression shirts and are unattractive, even on trained men. Leave 2.5 to 5 cm of extra fabric on each side. Also, chest tension should be minimal. 


The length of a T-shirt is often the hardest part to get right when trying to find the right size. Almost every man has had the frustrating experience of buying an improper fit t-short.


Purchasing a right-fitted men’s t-shirt that is neither too long nor too short so that it exposes the belly when the arms are raised is bliss.

Closing Lines

Now that we’ve told you the easiest rules for a perfect fit, you can buy right fit t-shirts from a men’s clothing store confidently.