7 popular Indian Wedding Themes & Styles

In an individual’s life, no other event is as special as his own wedding. It doesn’t matter how big or small the budget is or how lavish or moderate is the wedding party that he throws, the truth is that he is the king of the world on that day. People come to congratulate him and meet his spouse, and no matter how many good-looking people the couple is surrounded by, they are still the center of attraction on that day. Therefore, it is a dream of every individual to look his best on the day of his wedding. And when it comes to discussing beauty and aesthetics, there is no end to it. Some people rely on stylish dresses and jewelry to look trendy while others prefer to render a theme to the entire wedding to look special. While styles are individual elements that enhance the aesthetics, themes are imitative ideas or concepts that mould the aesthetics to achieve a particular look or feel.  A theme is like a painting that paints all elements in a piece of art with the same repetitive colors. 

In this article, we have discussed 7 very popular Indian wedding themes and styles that you can incorporate into your wedding if you are too obsessed with the idea of dressing yourself a specific way or looking like a character of your choice. 

Popular Indian Wedding Themes & Styles

Mentioned below are the wedding themes that are popular among Indians, which can transform your wedding into a different experience altogether. These themes would not only make the most special day of your life very exciting but your guests would also find them to be interesting and fun.

The Maharaja Theme – get married like the royals

One of the most popular wedding themes among Indian couples, this theme allows a commoner to experience royalty and aristocracy even though for a day. From vintage cars to massive multi-tiered antique chandeliers, from exotic palaces or private heritage properties as venues to royal-looking specifically designed outfits and antique wedding jewelry, this theme exudes luxury and grandness like no other. Fit yourself into this regality with heavily embroidered outfits and royal etiquettes. Let the wedding menu be a grand reflection of the royal Indian cuisines from the past. Let the decoration of the whole place look as majestic and elegant as the royal interior of a 16th-century palace. Also, let there be live music with shehnai and nagadas. 

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Padharo sa – The Rajasthani Theme

Give your wedding a regional touch with the vibrant colors of Rajasthan. Welcome your guests with the humbleness of the traditional Marwari reception. From venue decorations to the choice of flowers and from jewelry to the wedding dresses, let there be bright colours everywhere. With colourful drapes, clay wind-chimes, wooden sculptures and rural Rajasthani women dancing with earthen pots balanced on their heads to the beats of large hollow clay pots played by village men – you can turn the whole wedding venue into a small Rajasthani village. Don’t forget to include the Daal-baati-churma and Baazre-ka-roti on the menu. 

Life on the beach – the fun-filled Beach Wedding Theme

If you are inspired by the vastness of the sea, love clear blue water, and want to make sea or the beach a part of your wedding, you can either plan a destination wedding on the beach or bring in certain beach elements into your wedding theme. The elements of a beach wedding theme can be casual and fun-filled wedding dresses like floral-printed Midi skirts and Bermudas and T-shirts, light and trendy jewelry and artificial beach showers for guests in the daytime. Instead of chairs and sofas, cast-iron benches can be brought in for guests. The varmalas can be made with tropical flowers instead of traditional ones. Sea foods are a must for starters as well as the main course. 

Be a Cinderella – the Fairytale Wedding Theme

A very popular theme among many Indian couples, a fairytale wedding aims to transform the entire wedding venue into a dreamy fantasy place with abstract unrealistic decorations and muted lights. The fairy lights and the peculiar décor items turn the wedding halls into sets of some Disney movies with fictional characters and unrealistic projections. With Cinderella shoes and giant pumpkin-shaped palanquins or some of the bride’s friends turning up in witch-like outfits, things can be really spooky as well as creative with this theme. 

The flavor of the 50s & 60s – the Retro Theme

The warm & cozy atmosphere, the dash of neon pink, cherry red and neon yellow colours on the décor, and men in large-collared shirts and bell-bottom pants singing live cabaret songs – the retro theme can certainly add a sparkling old-world charm to your wedding. Let the friends of the bride wear polka-dotted kameez with salwars and bow-tie hairbands matching the colour of the kameez. The bride should wear a backcomb hairstyle with parted fringes on both sides. Food should be served on metal plates instead of Ceramics and coke should be served in original glass bottles with straw instead of mocktails. 

That rustic look – the Village Wedding Theme

This theme is very popular among Indian couples, especially in the southern parts of India. If you plan your wedding in a village farmhouse or a private property, then nothing like it, but if you have decided to adopt this theme and have booked a banquet hall in north Delhi for wedding, make sure that your wedding planner decorates the entire wedding venue in a way that it resembles a real village. You can use elements like oil lanterns, earthen lamps and candles to lit up the whole area. You can also use dimmers and dim halogen lights to create that shadowy half-lit atmosphere. Food can be served in earthen plates and bowls instead of glassware and opal. Guests can be served buttermilk in earthen glass as welcome drinks. And simple non-painted wooden chairs can be used instead of sofas and modern chairs. 

Forest & River – The Green Nature-based Wedding Theme

Hire a wedding hall, farmhouse or resort that is close to a forest or nature park and a river. Get married by the river, and set up the reception area amid large trees and bushes. There should be green on all sides. In the case of banquet halls, you can create that green ambiance with lots of artificial green leaves. The river can be replaced by a pool or lake inside the premises. Different shades of green can be used in the décor items. The wedding dresses for both the bride and groom can have different shades of green in them. Lots of seasonal fruits can also be included in the menu to keep with the natural theme of the wedding. Fruit juices can be served as welcome drinks.