How Beneficial Are Face Lifts?

Time does take a toll on your appearance. A desire to appear younger is common enough but very few try to do something about it. However, most individuals have woken up to the fact of enhancing their looks with the help of cosmetic surgery One of the most popular ways of eliminating the deep wrinkles and sagging skin from the face is to check out the possibility of face lifts.

Known as rhytidectomy in medical parlance, the procedure is carried out under anesthesia. The procedure has advanced over the ages with most patients being operated on with IV sedation or local anesthesia.  Some of the things that you must be aware of before agreeing to rhytidectomy include the following:


A thin incision will be made by an experienced surgeon to lift the external skin from the face thus exposing the underlying tissues. This part of the face is altered with the expert excising the unwanted fat and tissue to make the skin taut and smooth.

The final part of the procedure involves closing the incision with the aid of sutures. The area is often bandaged heavily to prevent contamination and infection.

You do not have to revise the tissues and skin from all over your face, however. Instead, you are welcome to redefine your face by addressing the problem areas.

A majority of patients who want to improve their appearance without undergoing a full rhytidectomy prefer to opt for the mini facelift. Accumulation of fat or sagging skin on the cheeks, chin, and the appearance of jowls or a double chin are usually addressed with minimal surgical intervention.

The mini facelift is usually an outpatient procedure that will not require you to stay overnight at the medical facility. On the contrary, you will be able to get it done within 90 minutes.


Face lifts are performed by experienced surgeons who take every care to eliminate all risks.

The skin is draped anew over the face once the problems have been addressed by the cosmetic surgeon. You may experience mild to moderate pain for a couple of weeks while your face heals slowly but surely. However, you will be ready to face the world within a month when there are no complications.

Face Lift Benefits

  • It addresses multiple signs of aging in one go. You will thus be able to have the facial skin tightened appreciably with deep-seated wrinkles removed along with excess fat excised after a single session.
  • The appearance of jowls or double chin will be removed completely making you look much younger than before.

Well, you do have to be a woman to be a good candidate for rhytidectomy. You are welcome to try an age reversal technique when you are a man as well. Recent statistics reveal that face lifts are common among men of all ages today.